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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaxine Iceheart
Height7' 10

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep arctic blue with white from the bottom of her chin down her tummy has black fur on her feet up to just below her knees and black 'gloves' on her hands up to her forearms
Hair ColourPink! It is long down to her shoulders and wavey.
Eye ColourDeep Purple
ClothingShe wears a Deep blue tank top that shows off her belly and clan mark. She has a pair of brown khaki shorts with a dark brown belt around her waist a Deep red coat over her top
AccessoriesShe has a pierceing in her belly button and two diamond studs in her left ear with one gold hoop earring at the tip of her right ear. A black leather collar with her first name enscribed on a silver nameplate on the collar.
WeaponryShe has her kitsune Magic along with a set of Shuriken and Katana.
Outstanding FeaturesHer clan mark centered directly above her bust in the shape of a Heart with a star in it. She also has nine tails.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be quite friendly if not a little mischeivous at times
BackgroundShe has been around for quite some time wandering through the forests of most places she can be seen at times surrounded by what would be called Will-o-wisps at other times she can be seen in the city but still surrounded by said willo the wisps. They act as her friends of sorts or as a type of attack for her.
LikesFriends, messing with others and souls.
LocationShe wanders mostly though at times she congregates around a nearby city or forest
Additional InfoShe has control over most elements and a bit of a psychic touch of her own.