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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJanice Ideen
SpeciesSnow Leopard Morph
Height5' 8" (172 cm)
Weight155 pounds (70.3 kg)
SummaryA 19-year old, 5' 8" tall, 155 pound snow leopard with sharply digitigrade legs and a thick, long tail. Light grey fur covers her body in a super-soft long-haired pelt, roseates of dark blue-black spotting it. Light blonde hair in a shoulder-length unruly mop is sported on her head. Adorning her ears on either side are six thick gold hoop earrings. Her ice-blue eyes seem to give off a calm that she doesn't herself always radiate. Janice's body sports a figure some might call voluptuous. Most of her weight is from muscle and curve, making her look like a feminine feline hardbody. Clothing-wise she wears beaten-up jeans, a formerly-white T-shirt, and an old denim jacket sporting various patches, naming ships and stations, both in Sol system and beyond it.

I don't own this image, it however is EXACTLY how Janice SHOULD look, but needs more earrings...
Karabiner's perfect image!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray, white underbelly, very shaggy and fluffy, with blue-black rosettes.
Hair ColourBlonde hair worn in an unruly mop that she can't seem to style. It goes down, though, only to her shoulders.
Eye ColourIce Blue
ClothingA T-shirt that has obviously seen better days hides a pleasant bustline, not overdone. Over this is a badly beaten denim jacket, adorned with patches whit logos and images, all sporting ship names and registry numbers, and star-station names and numbers. She also wears a pair of jeans that have by now seen far better days.
Accessories6 gold hoop earrings in each ear.
WeaponryNothing carried, but has access to a pistol firing specialized frangible bullets, specially designed not to penetrate ship hull or station skins.
Outstanding FeaturesSharply sharply digitigrade

Personality & Background

PersonalityFind out for yourself! Talk to me!
LikesSpace, 0-G, peace
DislikesAssholes, noise, being confined, and having to deal out violence to stop something.
OccupationSpacer, hardcore tried and true, been seeing the spacelanes from the day she was able to sit a console.