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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKoum Dejnue
Speciesvampiric feline
GenderTrue male
Summarya Female alone in the darkness, she soon hears light footseps behind her. As soon as she turns to look, the figure is gone. walking near the shadows, she suddenly hear a cold seductive voice, calling her name. She feels his hands rubbing along her sides, she moves her hands in to meet his. His hands had an elegant touch rubs along the back of her head, the figure soon kisses her deeply on the lips, soon, he takes his kissing down her neck slowly, his soft and rough tongue teasing her neck almost sexily. Suddenly! She instantly feel his fangs press into her neck, she feels like running, but a part of her was telling her to stay, a part that was seduced by Koum. Soon, the female drops dead, then Koum licks his lips clean. He then looks like he was uttering what seemed a prayer for forgiveness.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSmoothe Black, silver markings
Hair Colourclean black, very well made back
Eye Colourirresistable Blood red
Clothingblack Victorian age garments, neck scarf, Driver's gloves, deep black cloak
AccessoriesSilver Christian cross around his neck, syringes
WeaponryHe mainly uses his seductive behavior and looks as his main weapon, He always carries a silver rapier with him, the rapier looks frail and delicate, but is actually unbreakable, and can cut through virtually anything with ease.
Outstanding FeaturesVery lithe and athletic, he chooses to stay in shape, even though immortal.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery elegant and charming, he has what seemed to be a christian past, and apologizes everytime he kills. During sex, he can be unpredictable, but wouldn't kill, but bite.
BackgroundFar back in the 1700s', Koum was a preist. He was out wandering one night, and came across a Vampire, he hoped to stop her, but he was biten. He felt cursed and forsaken. But as the years went by, he realized there would be no judgement for him. So he went off feeding and womanizing. Up to today, he met a friend that can help him with the sun issues, he created a chemical that can keep a vampire safe, even in broad daylight for the whole day,by being injected via syringe.
LikesKilling for survival, sex, women, wine, blood, peace, oprah, violin music, Showing honnor, fellow vammpires.
DislikesThe one enemy of all vampires, the sun. Silver against him, being dishonorable, senseless killing.
Locationanywhere there is a shadow...

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteCome closer my dear... I don't bite... Hard... *evil smirk*