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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiwi Remy Saotome
Weight110 lbs
SummaryKiwi is just your run of the mill weasel who's pretty friendly. She's very open minded, approachable, and generally nice to those around her... Maybe even too nice. She's a semi-fluent Python programmer who enjoys video games and technology in general. She was also the founder and only memeber of the one and only Washu Tanooki Saotome Alliance, which will soon be making a grand comeback since the last time it was in operation (2002-2004)...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan (peppered) with a creme colored underside and tail tip.
Hair ColourHer headfur is nothing more than black dreadlocks. She mostly wears them down, but has been known to put her hair up in a ponytail or tam.
Eye ColourBrown eyes with red, thick framed glasses.
ClothingMostly comfortable things (cargo pants, sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts). Very rarely would anything "bright and girly" be worn.
AccessoriesShe sometimes wears a pewter cross necklace and a black and white charm bracelet.
WeaponryThe famed bokelele (a ukulele and bokken tied together). She has an interest in staves and spears, too.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMildly quiet, sort of shy, and pretty open minded. When she does talk, she usually spurts out tomes about technology and video games. However, she also likes to ponder about the weird and the offbeat. She finds herself to be pretty unique, but can go through depressing bouts of self loathing. She also has a tendacy to rant constantly about things that she finds to be very irrational. Despite this, she is pretty friendly and easy to talk to.
BackgroundShe's just a weasel and nothing more. She spent all her life in the midwest and is just like any other being...
LikesComputers, writing, reading, mindless researching, video games, programming, coffee, coffee flavored things, snuggling, bookstores, history, learning languages, rational thinking, intelligent conversation, ranting and making really corny jokes.
DislikesPeople who give her "bad vibes", girly things, conformity, siverfish (and spiders), annoying fanboys, people who harass her over really stupid things.
LocationChicago, Illinois (United States)
OccupationA Columbia College Chicago student currently studying for a Game Design and Programming degree... Well, starting this fall.
Additional InfoShe also frequents the forums at LOLFurries.org, PSO-World.com, and can easily be found playing Guild Wars under the name Kiwi Saotome.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*Poot poot* --Kiwi

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