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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSherrie Demaoes
SpeciesPikachu morph
Height8' 5"
WeightShocks the examiner!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is Black with white on her eartips and the tip of her tail she also has brown stripes running down her back the fur on her cheeks are a dark blue
Hair ColourHer headfur is a forest green and so long it goes down to her shoulder blades
Eye ColourFire red.
ClothingShe wears a tight black a-shirt with a green flowered Hawaiian type shirt unbuttoned over it. She also wears a pair of dark blue surfing shorts a woven red belt around it's waist
AccessoriesA gold hoop earing with a sun shaped charm on it in her left ear she also has an orange thin armband on her right arm.
WeaponryShe has her teeth claws her lightning abilities aswell a good deal of magics
Outstanding FeaturesShe is oddly colored for a pikachu in her anthro form

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is rather friendly if a little mysterious despite her surfer like attitude too.
BackgroundShe really only grew up alone because of her ability to go anthro she was mostly left alone. She has taught herself how to talk and learned a few other anthro concepts after a long time of being alone she did nothing more than become stronger aswell she learned a few mages spells so not to be confined to one element. she spends most of her time wandering and surfing in any competition she finds.
LikesMakeing friends haveing fun and some good foods.
LocationWhere ever there are some nice waves and good friends.
OccupationPro surfer
Additional InfoShe has the ability to change into an anthro and non-anthro when she is non-anthro her fur color will change to normal looking.