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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKhyiiraayn Brushfire

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFirey orange fur and cotton white, downy chest fur, most of its matted from oil; don't use a lot of shampoo with it...
Hair ColourDirty blond, scruffy, not washed a lot, everything but the top and the front is short
Eye ColourSilvery-grey, medium eyebrows
ClothingRegular; boxers, baggy shorts or pants Vigilante; trench coat, armor plating and skinsuit underneath, red thermal goggles
AccessoriesCasio watch, arm-band
Weaponry(vigilante only) Rail-rifle, shuriken (sometimes) and katana wakashazi pair (Nchyiidynn) (midaeval) Nchyiidynn pair, shuriken, magic

Personality & Background

Personality(regular) Good natured, funny, nice, obnoxious and/or annoying, witholding emotions (warrior) grim, loner, cold unless hear is warmed, doesn't like jokes most of the time
Background(regular only for right now) Just a fourteen year old kid trying to get along in an uncaring world.
LikesRPing, other furres, fighting, talking, bieng intensely onnoying and/or obnoxious, etc
DislikesMany things, failure the most.
LocationVagabond or with parents

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Lets get tactical, marines!" -Sgt. Johnson (Halo 2)

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