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The Assassin's Kiss

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAerisis
Speciesunknown (bio-engineered)
Age*unknown* fairly young actually
Weight155 pounds (?)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow white with a faint tint of pink/purple. Periodic markings are an puplish hue.
Hair ColourAlso white, topped with a blood red gem on her forhead.
Eye ColourPurplish/Pink
WeaponryAlways carries four nanocompressed weapons on her in 1x1x2in steel prisms. Usually hidden in areas wear her fur is longer and on her hind legs for example. Weapons of choice: DAM-3 Assult Rifle ~Strong ammunition but lacking sufficient firepower to take on large targets TAM-3 Needlekiss Railgun ~Aerisis favorite and nickname origin. Extremely powerful sniper rifle that fires shots, just under the speed of light making the hit fast, accurate, and devestating, regardless of defense in most cases. AAC-21 Stinger ~Miniture missile launcher with a highly explosive warhead. Can be interchanged with a bio-chemical, napalm, or acidic payload. ARC-2 Nikita ~Same as the stinger, only with smaller payload, distance. In turn, the weapon has a remote control feature on it. In additions to these weapons, Aerisis is capable of a variety of telekinetic assults, usually involving the wind. Is in the process of learning "mind break" attacks. Attacks: Soul Stealer (play on words attack but does just that) Microburst (exactly what it says only in one direction) Spirit Storm (lets just say it will make you a "nervous" wreck) Critical Air Crush (gives new meaning to combustion) *pictured* Air Slash Barrage (reason she has two ribbon tails) Aeroblast (a beam of air that will make you bleed and more) Big Bang (speaks for itself)
Outstanding FeaturesLonk whiskers with tiny gems that float on the ends, a long forked tail, two redish/purple "ribbon" tails, and finally, "thumb" dewclaws, allowing her to grap things, although with some difficulty.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySuffers from Macrophobia. Slightly arrogant herself. Proud of her abilities and authority. Curious and always willing to learn. Fast learner too.
BackgroundLittle is known of her actual history. All she knows is that she is a bio-engineered weapon to aid in the war efforts of ETFA. After her close commrade, Eclipsis, succeeded, she became more withdrawn, open only to her three closest generals; Katalina, Kitana, and Kenna along with the only two leaders with higher positions then her own.
LikesLoyalty, friends, all kinds of weather especially severe, and warfare.
DislikesSexual immorality and other related sex based affairs, her rival Eclipsis, arrogance, dictatorship, and mankind.
LocationShe was born on a planet code named "Alpha Dream", grew up on another planet called Espilbra, and know wages planet to planet warfare against mankind.
OccupationPhoenix (four star) General of the Elite Tetra Federation Army (ETFA) Assumes third highest command in ETFA. Usually commands ground assult battles and sometimes fleet conflicts.
Additional InfoThe way she was raised has given her a very bad impression on who or what human kind is really like. However, since she has never had any real contact with them, everything she has learned is still "in theory". Dispite having the odd condition of "macrophobia", she has shown that she is eager to learn more about such creatures. After all, she does have a very high commanding position in a very powerful military force, letting Aerisis feel less intimidated when around "macros" as she has been taught to call them.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"In another moment, I will reduce you to dust." "I am going to crush you and throw you into the wind."

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