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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCaelstros Austere
SpeciesUnknown (Looks like a Jackal, however)
Weight464 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack.
Hair ColourBlack and spikily slid backwards.
Eye ColourNone. Empty eye sockets usually glow white or red.
ClothingA crimson red, tattered hooded robe that has no right sleeve and only covers some of the back and the left arm with it's only sleeve. Over his right arm a long black armlet made of mythril fashioning several curves that end in spikes, under the armlet, his arm is netted. Under the robe he has a hole-ridden dark grey shirt, stitched here and there. The pants he wears are black, and just as tattered as the rest of his clothes are. Around his waist an item belt where he stashes his spell components and other materials. However, around his heels over the pants slide out several ravenously huge titanium spikes that look outwards from his heels, none coming out from the inner sides of the legs in a semi-circle. His feet covered by metal sandals that also sport spikes.
AccessoriesA gold pendant hangs from his neck, a ruby hanging from it. Across his torso are two criss-crossing chains that form an X over his chest. On his left and right index fingers are a set of rings, one black, one white.
WeaponryBesides the natural weapons that are his lion-like claws and his fangs, he weilds a magic book that turns into a swallow (similar to a short double-scythe) upon will. The weapon is composed of an unknown material, but it is well known that the black and white blades, with their blue and red gems keep some kind of divine power within them. Behind him, carried by his item belt is a dagger, silver blue in color and capable of somehow supressing powers in the battlefield. Around his heels, the set of spikes are attached to titanium thread-made strings that can be sent out to a distance around him of around 10 feet. Not only can the spikes rend and split, but the wires they are attached to, with enough strength, can tear and cut just as easily. Finally, the magic book, with it's blue and red gems on it's cover, allows him to use an array of powerful spells besides the number of spells he has learnt by himself. The magic book's spells consist of mostly necromancy, transformations, evocations, divinations and abjurations. The spells he knows are evocations and abjurations, as well as a couple of healing conjurations.
Outstanding FeaturesBesides the fact that he has no eyes, his skin seems to be rotting or be decomposing in several areas. Every here and there the bones beneath his skin can be seen where the skin does not surround the bone completely, such as in some places in the hands and in the face.

Personality & Background

LikesAnarchy, chaos, destruction, manipulation, pleasure, challenges, pain, standing above others, etc...
DislikesZealots, law, governments, lack of self-reliability, lack of discipline and mercy.

Just for Fun

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