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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMayumi
Age1673 years old (21 in kitsune years)
HeightBase height 125 feet; nowadays 5'6
Weight(Slaps the examiner and blushes)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with black-tipped ears and tails.
Hair ColourJet black.
Eye ColourHazel.
ClothingWears a light blue kimono.
AccessoriesHas a tiger-eye pendant that keeps her at 5'6" and a jade ring that allows her to travel through dimensions.
WeaponryNone; she is skilled enough in magic to not require it.
Outstanding FeaturesHas three tails.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMayumi has a very sunny disposition, to the point of being overly-perky. She's quick to react when being attacked however. She can be a bit naive at times.
BackgroundBorn into the celestial kitsune class, Mayumi was always different from the others because of her size. Lacking the ability to shrink down to normal size on her own, she was unable to entice foolish men into falling in love with her. She was able to prank foolish travellers however, thanks to her ability to shapeshift into mountains and forests. For a while, she was happy with her family. Then one day she broke the most important rule: interacting directly with humans. A huge tidal wave was headed for a nearby village. Mayumi saw this and blocked the wave with her humongous hands. Everyone in the village had seen what she did, and when she returned to her clan, they had kicked her out, as keeping her there would only anger the god Inari further. Having nowhere else to go, she found solace at a temple of the god Jizo, whose priest had been a villager that Mayumi saved from the tidal wave. He taught Mayumi how to better manage her chakras and use the power of light. She remained there until a woman from the villiage, a widow of a wealthy silk merchant, presented her with a pendant that allowed her to shrink to normal size and offered to take her in as a family member. She stayed with her for many years. Time passed; eventually Americans came to the village's shores. One of the Americans, who had been tracking Mayumi for a few months, offered her a position in the Magical Abnormalities Control Agency, an orginization dedicated to stopping the misuse and abuse of magical and spiritual energy. Her sorcery skills grew even more powerful after training with the agency.
LikesGardening, magical artifacts, kind people, tempura, and martial arts.
DislikesMean people, people who abuse their powers, and phoneys.
LocationWherever she's needed.
OccupationMagical Abnormalities Control Expert
Additional InfoMayumi may possess people and shapeshift; however, she may only possess and shapeshift into creatures and things that are her original height or larger. She is adept at all forms of elemental magic, especially light magic, which she often uses for purification and increased speed. Being born out from a magical race, Mayumi can detect the true nature of just about anything, especially if the something contains magical properties. She can transport others through time as well, but only to the past, and only once a day.