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Tiercel by KittyKun <3 u for the awesome pic

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTiercel
SpeciesPeregrine Falcon

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJust look at the picture! :D Standard peregrine markings, nothgin special ^^
Hair Colourn/a
Eye Colourlight brown
ClothingRarely wears clothing, relies on his feahters to cover his decency, but when he has too, usually wears a pair of baggy jeans and one of his many t-shirts
AccessoriesCursed collar that when worn transforms him from a full grown falcon into a young fledgling... oh noes! :O
WeaponryDepends on the situation, most commonly carries a .44 magnum revolver and combat knife. Is also proficiant with his duelling epee and hunting bow. Failing that, he's a bird of prey, he's a natural weapon, just take a look at those razor sharp killing talons and viscious beak ^^

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually vibrant and friendly, can be a bit shy around strangers. Not easily angered, but when he snaps... he really snaps...
LikesBirds, flying, Mint choc chip ice cream, fire, revolvers, meeting new friends, dragons, all his furry friends, his amazimg super wonderful love-of-his-life mate Tobbes ^^
Dislikesanti-furries D: Rain, getting wet unnecessarily, his parents incessant whining.

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