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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKeeli Antaveeri ben Kurick Avreesal
SpeciesTylanni (Muridae Sapiens Tylann) [Alien mouse-morph]
Height4' 3"
Weight130 pounds (59 kg)
SummaryKeeli stands a diminutive 4’ 3” tall and weighs 130 pounds. She is about as close to a stereotypical Tylanni as one can get. Physically, Keeli is unassuming in appearance, with an unruly mop of dark brown head hair falling to her ankles in wavy, slightly curly locks but is normally worn up in a braid bun with a hanging high ponytail from the end of the braid. A pleasantly curvy body hides a surprising amount of muscle for someone so small (equivalent to a human a good foot taller and fifty pounds heavier), though it is not at all visible due to differences in her musculature. She is “lightly padded” (as she puts) it by what is to her years of comfortable offworld living (although we would consider these comfortable years almost savage in their harshness). Her current figure and girlish attitude hides incredible reflexes, while her adorably cute, almost childish face hides a sharp mind and a keen intellect.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown, with very pale tan over the belly and chest
Hair ColourDark brown, worn very long, but often held in an odd bun/braid which can drop at the flick of her head.
Eye ColourA deep violet
ClothingIf she's working, it's a pair of well-worn, grease-stained coveralls patched in a few places. If off-duty, it's usually comfortable, slightly showy clothing (nothing too overboard, though: showing off her legs under tight jeans is for her a lot). All of her belongings, though, can fit into a single duffel (a bit larger than she is and weighing in at over 150 pounds!).
AccessoriesHer duffel bag: What-all is in Keeli's duffel? 6 changes of clothing, complete, including underwear; multimeter; techscanner; a box full of odd, blue-gold crystalline knives in sheaths; a plasma arc welder unit (small); a full toolkit (the type that should take up ten drawers, all rolled neatly into a looped, Velcro-festooned tarp/blanket); a pneumatic variable wrench/air-hammer with 5' of tight-coiled hose, all the bits/add-ons held in the coils; a welder's mask and goggle set; safety glasses meant for a mouse's head; A small oxygen-acetylene torch with gas cylinders and interchangeable heads; plus a large assortment of power tools like battery-powered drills, saws, etc., all with taped-on add-ons to make them usable in 0-g; tinned and/or foil-sealed preserved foods from her people, two puncture-proof 2 liter bladders of water. That's in the main area. There's more in the side pockets...
The side pockets hold the equipment for repairing electronics, including blocks of various components such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, and suchlike, another pocket holding commonly-used chips in EMP-shielded containers, a second specialized techscanner meant for microelectronic work, and a collapsible micro-tool system meant for fixing highly-complex and tiny circuitry. This includes a digitally-assisted optical microscope on a headband with computerized image stabilization. Also, there are battery packs, connectors, wires, and various odds and ends picked up in her work. Somewhere in there, mixed in, is a stun gun.
Her Tool Kit: Fit mostly inside her duffel bag or tied to various straps on the outside, this kit includes everything a high-tech mechanic could hope to own and use, up to and including equipment for repairing electronics, plus a miniature plasma arc welder, cutting tools, and whatever is needed for heavy work in a starship's engineering and repair area. One of the most prominent features is a five-foot-long massive wrench strapped to the side of the duffel bag, which often doubles as a giant club!
WeaponryAn assortment of blades. A wide assortment of them, but none of them longer than her forearm in blade length. All are of an odd crystalline composition that is completely scanner-defeating. Blue-gold in color, they are nearly mono-molecular edged, and cut through metals, plastic, ceramic, bone, and flesh with equal swiftness and ease. They also for some reason self-sterilize, a fact which has led them to being used as impromptu scalpels in Keeli's past. Keeli usually has no less than twenty small blades upon her at a given time, hidden gods only knows where, and only someone who is truly a master of concealed weapons will find them, short of a complete strip-search, and even then they WILL likely miss a few.
Keeli also carries with her, openly, a longer, forearm-length blade, one which she lends to no-one ever. This longer blade is like the others: hyper-sharp, scan-defeating, and perfectly balanced.
Special AbilitiesAlmost half again as quick to respond and react as the fastest human. Has two hearts. Can see in the near infrared and ultraviolet, as well as can see heat patterns, though this is blurry.
Outstanding FeaturesShort as heck, far too strong for her size, and too damn quick.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKeeli is a kind, friendly, pleasant girl, always willing to have a fun time, as long as it doesn't step over her self-proclaimed (and not always obvious) bounds. However, woe betide those who anger her: while she won't get physical unless there's no choice, she can and will begin insulting the poor person desert-style - no profanity EVER, just creative curses upon ancestors, family, subject, and descendants.
BackgroundLike 98% of her species, Keeli was raised on her species homeworld of Tylann. Born in the mountains of her world, she was raised for a time in her village. Unfortunately, she became one of a very few survivors of a plague which wiped out every other member of her clan. Her family, by dint of a previously-undiscovered immunity, survived. Keeli, along with her family (now clan-less) was taken in by a local lord. During her years in the city, Keeli, like almost every member of her race, was indoctrinated into the planet-wide religion. However, unlike most, she was chosen by one of her pantheon’s many gods and goddesses to be trained to her. Raised to believe in the religion, Keeli, like all of the others, became a devout follower. One of the basic tenets of her religion is secrecy from outsiders. Unlike the vast majority of her people, though, Keeli follows only one Goddess. Her particular sect of the planet-wide religion includes belief in an afterlife, and a place of eternal damnation for sinners and non-believers. The religion actively discourages proselytizing to others, believing instead that if a society has not already been given the message and acknowledged it by worshiping the “proper” gods and goddesses, then it is already far too late for them. The religion also includes strict dietary restrictions and three hours of devout prayer twice a day at sunrise and sunset, with breakfast coming after morning prayer and dinner before evening prayer. Like many of her people, Keeli is an expert with knives, managing to do what most humans would consider impossible thanks to a combination of superhuman dexterity, reflexes, and skill.
LikesMeditation, music, singing, dancing, silence (for her meditations), good incense, good food (as limited by her people's diet laws), and excellent tea. Like most good-hearted folk, Keeli also of course likes pleasant, intelligent company who understand that the universe is vast and that all sorts make up its' whole.
DislikesInjustice, intolerance (though she is often blinded to her own race's intolerance), rudeness, poor behavior, unintelligent uncreative insults, pointless senseless violence, especially that centered upon other elsewise-harmless sentients.
LocationWhere the stars lead her.
OccupationStarship supercargo (cargo hold supervisor) and technician, though she IS rated to be a full starship engineer.
Additional InfoNote: Keeli with a gun is likely more of a danger to herself than any enemy. She simply can't hit anything with one. It's been said that if one was to arc-weld the muzzle to the target, she'd STILL have a 50% chance to somehow miss.

IMPORTANT: Keeli is a CHARACTER, not ME! She is meant for roleplaying. Do NOT assume just because Keeli acts in some way when playing IN CHARACTER that I, the player, IRL, believe or feel the same! For many folk this is hard to grasp, so I will state it AGAIN: Keeli is a CHARACTER, not ME! Note also that often, in a room that is mostly OOC, I will USUALLY be OOC. If in doubt, ASK!!!
Hopefully this will sink in. Thank you.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If the Gods throw a knife at you, there are two ways to catch it: by the blade, or by the handle."