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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShaboigan Xan Shalashaska Zantetsuken BillyBob Bugenhagen Alastor Bojangles the 3rd
Height6'4 - 256'

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack shaggy fur covering most of the body with a dark maroon mark that goes from the top of his muzzle, back between his ears and covers his upper back.
Hair ColourHeadfur is kept short, never any longer than the rest of his fur
Eye ColourGreyish Blue with hints of yellow, orange, green and silver
ClothingBlack T-shirt (usually with a humorous joke on it) Old shredded blue jeans Black, biker style boots when driving or in a place he would need boots.
AccessoriesUltrium ring on middle finger of right hand with a blue stone and pawprint visible under the stone. Dog collar. Black Belt. (just a normal leather belt, nothing martial arts) One of 2 black hats: -Black military style cap -Black with the words 'Culinary Arts' In blue on the front Carries a Zippo lighter (often seen clicking it and doing simple tricks with it.)
WeaponryDrumsticks. Butcher Knife Chef's Knife (French knife) Paring knife Meat Cleaver Serrated slicer Fine knowledge of a deepfryer
Outstanding FeaturesThe mallows that make up part of his body add an extra cushyness to his body. Smells of frenchfries and motor oil. Has a scar above his left eye that causes his eyebrow to split. Keeps a long goatee and cheektufts

Personality & Background

PersonalityShabs is very shy around new people, but is quick to open. He tends to look very serious, and sometimes downright scary, but is playful at heart, and sometimes just plain goofy. he has a short temper and has developed a bad twitch from years of holding back emotions.
BackgroundHis past is a bit mysterious, but a long story short, He is the result of genetic splicing. He soon discovered his love for music and cooking and also learned a few interestign skills. He practices Mallow Alchemy, changing the sugary sweets into objects and vice versa, even able to add mass to individuals, changing there size, shape, dna, and even able to turn them into mallows.
LikesCulinary Arts, music, drums, Blue labradors, open spaces, cold weather, motorcycles, Mallows
DislikesCrowds, writing, overly religious people
LocationSomewhere.....( o/` Ov-er the Rain-bow! o/` )
OccupationHot cook
Additional InfoHas a hearing problem, usually around machines with a low pitch.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWorld domination has encountered a momentary setback..... talk amongst your selves.

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