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Ritza J. Beretta

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRitz Beretta
SpeciesEurrasian Brown Wolf (Canis lupus)
Age24 (as of 2006)
Weight2500 lbs.
SummaryShe's a 24 year old, Top heavy welsh wolfess, Who works as an interior designer and has interests in working out, big nights out and general fun, She can knit and believes Bigger is Better. She lives in Winstonham, South west England, with her room mate and best friend, Kay Gray, a liger. Living next door to her next best friends Vernon Rouge, a parrot bird thing.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight, Tanned, Chocolate Brown. In the winter, Cream White Covering her upperbody from her chest and ending at her Crotch, the Same colour at the end of her tail.
Hair ColourDark, Coffee Brown.
Eye ColourDeep Honey Gold Irisi.
Clothing87% of the Time Stretchy sports bras (Her Union Jack one her favourite) and A pair of loose fitting Gym Shorts. Will wear tees and jeans, roomy dresses, And is a big fan of costumes - Favourites being her Link and Her Mistress Chief.
AccessoriesNone, at the moment.
WeaponryApart from the Fact she can lift on excess 3 times her own Weight? Well, A few moves remembered from Various Gym Classes, School Bitch Fights, and of course Television. She also has heightened senses.. but who are we to judge?
Outstanding FeaturesThe Size wasn't big enough!? Well, Her Short Fat Snout, Her Torso White fur and her Pointy ears. Her unique sense of fashion, and her Super jolliness.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNice, Outgoing, Loving and Carring, Playful as a Pup. Although she can get quite hot-headed and Competitive. Is down to earth and is a rather the comic type.
BackgroundBorn to Nigel and Crystal Beretta, Ritz was the oldest to her younger brother, James Beretta. Ritz spent most of her childhood in a short and cute 'Lil bití Image. Her family past and present was known for their huge Size but Ritz was the Black sheep, still with cub like looks at an old age. Although constantly the Runt of the Beretta Family. She strived to shake off her, "Little Bit" image since, Regularly Participating in Gymnastics to utilise her speed and size. Nothing bulged of course in till she was 16, when a lankier and more so bustier wolf started to catch notice. Ecstatic at this sudden yet slow stream of growth, she strived to work harder, and took to weight lifting after hours, almost immediately making it her main port of significance. She exploited her Gift of the Growth and worked hard, day and night - hour upon hour - even on Christmas day, In till after years of hard work she stands higher then any may pole, wider then any plasma screen and built like a military ... Looking pretty good in the Chest area too. Not one to give up and throw in the towel, Ritz still works out harder and harder, Coached by her Best Friend Kay Gray, To become the Strongest Woman ever acknowledged - Much to the difference of her Flat, of course. She currently lives with Kay Gray at House 52, Maxwell Street: A small Duplex Flat around the Centre of Winstonham, South West England and its River Cym.
LikesHer Friends, Family, and Flat mates. Working out at the Gym, The nightlife, and General Fun things. Loves Baked goods.
DislikesCompetition in Size, Horndogs, Being Shrunk, Getting rained on, Mean for the Sake of it People.
LocationHouse 52, Maxwell Street, Winstonham, Southwest England.
OccupationFreelance Interior Designer - and an Amateur Body Builder.
Additional InfoYes, She is a Master Sewer.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"There's no such thing as TOO big!"

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