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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCamissa Mersane
Height4 feet tall, naturally.
Weighto.o Why are you asking?
SummaryA rather enigmatic change (or was it?) left Camis with the form of a vixen.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a brightish orange that covers a majority of her body, as well a tuft of white fur across her tail, muzzle, chest, thighs, and stomach. Her ears and tail both have a black tip as well.
Hair ColourShe has a long, kind of tussled hair, seeming to flow but stick out in various directions.
Eye ColourHer eyes glow a bright emerald color.
ClothingShe tends to enjoy wearing her old t-shirt and shorts, which fit loosely, though still manage to show off her slightly curvy form. Aside from that, she dislikes footwear, only putting on sandals when the terrain absolutely requires it, but goes bare-pawed everywhere else.
AccessoriesShe generally tends not to carry anything around, but is often seen with a circular pendant, often hidden on her person or in her clothing.
WeaponryThough she dislikes fighting, she can use her fists to whap things into submission...and for anything else, she carries a small dagger, just as hidden as her amulet.
Outstanding FeaturesShe seems abnormally skinny for her size, much like her other form, but still with curves. Anyone with a sense of the supernatural could see or feel a strong, surging aura about her body.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's generally quite timid around new people; it takes a while for her to be drawn to a comfortable level when around others. Other then that, once spoken to, she does her best to try and be her kindest to others.
LikesShrinking extremely small, cuddling, being somewhere soft and snug, being eaten (carefully), and...well..shrinking some more, kindness, and good friends. (More things, as well, but you must ask for those!)
DislikesViolence, coldness in personality, being left for no reason, harm that comes to her friends, hurting others, and being expected to grow.
LocationHidden away in your blind spot!
OccupationShe's more or less a wanderer, no real occupation.
Additional InfoShe has a rather unique ability...to absorb the mass, or size from someone to add to her own..or someone else. It's all touch based; she must be touching both the giver and the reciever of the size.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Smaller!"

Stay in Contact

AIMCamis Mersane