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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlackstar
Height5' 10
SummaryChakat Blackstar is a mercenary who leads the Blitz team. Shi is also the captain of hir personal ship, the Midnight Star. Shi is also the captain of the Mystic, the flagship of the Blitz team. Despite being a mercenary shi only takes missions that help people, like escourting convoys, or hunting down pirates. Blackstar doesn't get along with hir parents, but does have a younger sister who shi had taken custody of during some unusual circumstances. Hir younger sister, Firefox, better known as Trip, proved hirself to be an excellent pilot when the chief helmsman was killed in battle with pirates. Hir left arm was severed at age 16, but instead of having it replaced with a biological arm, shi created a superior mechanical arm instead. Shi often wears a vest with anti-phaser, and bulletproof materials sown into it, as well as a utility belt with a number of items. Just when you think shi couldn't have another gadget in there shi pulls out another odd gizmo.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHir fur is almost all white, but shi does have a black star shaped patch on hir back. Occasionally there is a crescent shaped patch under hir right eye, but Blackstar occasionally hides it with fur dye to make hirself less noticeable.
Hair ColourHuman like hair that is white unless shi dyes it for special occasions. Normally shi keeps it cut at shoulder length, but when on assignment shi'll let it grow out.
Eye ColourHir eyes are a bright blue.
ClothingA combat grade vest with bulletproof and phaserproof material sown into it, and a utility belt with enough gadgets to make a Star Fleet engineer drool. Occasionally dresses up for special occasions
AccessoriesA single clip-on earing.
WeaponryShi'll use any number of weapons. Shi has a high accuacy rating, but prefers machine gun style weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesThe black crescent under hir eye and the star shaped patch on hir back. And on rare occasions when the replacement arm is damaged you can see its duranium shell.

Personality & Background

PersonalityYoung, a little too honest, and often speaks before considering what others think. Always tries to do the right thing. Acts like a little kid at times but can turn compleatly serious when in combat.
BackgroundGrew up with hir father. Shi lived aboard the mercenary ship, FSS Falcon until shi was 15 years old. At that point shi moved to earth and went to school in Wisconsin until shi was 18. Then shi entered the academy but was kicked out becouse shi falsified some information on hir entry form.
LikesVideo games, 20th century sci-fi novels and cartoons, and pizza. And chocolate milk
Dislikesoutright stupidity, pirates, plain white milk
LocationShi lives in a number of locations, but hir personal home is aboard the Midnight Star.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.