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Pez as drawn by Rahsyk.

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePez
SpeciesSiamese cat
Weight108 lbs.
SummaryPez is very easily described: happy-go-lucky Siamese cat. She is geeky, eccentric, and very friendly-- and loves making new friends! Her favourite pasttimes include raving, dancing, DJing, and going out with a group just as crazy and spontaneous as herself. The relationship she holds is that with her fiancÚ of two years, Deus ex Deimos, a red folf.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGenerally an off white (#EDE9DC or so) for the majority of her body, with brown paws, tip of tail, snout, and ears (#813E21 or so).
Hair ColourWhile her hair changes often, it is naturally a red colour: can range from bloodred to carrottop-red, depending on location. These days, though, she's sporting a red-and-black-striped look on a mid-neck-length style; she's gotten into dying her hair and probably won't be stopping soon.
Eye ColourBlue eyes framed by emo-style (oval-rimmed) glasses.
ClothingWears literally anything these days (sometimes it's laziness, sometimes she just wants to change up styles), but specifically likes to dress herself in a raver fashion (with fishnet, braclets, glowies, and her favourite neon orange pacifier) or industrial/goth/BDSM (sporting vinyl, rubber, latex, anything constricting and slinky). She generally goes around barepaw, but adores combat boots and platform sneakers. She cannot stand sandals!
AccessoriesDouble-piercings in each ear, usually wearing hoops or dangles with 'em, rarely studs; an industrial piercing in her left ear; a pierced navel with a silver pawprint charm. Two tattoos are inked into her fur & skin: one is the Stargate 'A' symbol in the dead-center of her back, and the other are clawmarks that show a neon pink-and-blue leopard print beneath her skin, showing she's got some wildcat inside of her. For constant jewelry, she only has the white gold (with pink sapphire) engagement ring she received from her fiancÚ, Deus, and a very simple thick black string that she wears around her left wrist.
WeaponrySharp claws! Or some airsoft gun. You never know.
Outstanding FeaturesBeing short in stature is about it. ^^;

Personality & Background

PersonalityHappy-go-lucky, generally quite bouncy and optimistic.
LikesAnime, cats, DJing, manga, raving, video games.
DislikesCruelty, egoism, uptightness.
OccupationFreelance dancer and DJ.

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