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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAsandria (uh-sawn-dree-uh)
SpeciesCross between Macroderma gigas (Ghost bat AKA Australian False Vampire Bat) and Macrotus californicus (California Leaf-nosed Bat)
Age21 (May 18, 1985)
Height5'4" (not counting ears. Including them would make her 6'1")
Weight140 lbs.
SummaryAsandria is a white furred anthro bat with hand wings opposed to wings sprouted from the back.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite furred with black tips on ears and tail that fades to grey back to white. Her patagium (wing membrane) and uropatagium (tail membrane) are a medium gray. Her nose-leaf begins as a dark purple on the lips and gradiates to a light pink at the top. The inside of her ears starts as pink at the base and gradiates to purple at the tip.
Hair ColourHer hair is black and cut in a bob type style (length is at the top of her neck) with two longer pieces in the front.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a very dark brown. They look black unless bright light is shone directly into them.
ClothingShe is most often in gothy type clothing, which usually consists of a halter type top in order to keep her wings from being restricted and bloomers for pants. She likes to wear corsets on occasion, but not very often since she cannot fly while wearing one. She can also be seen in bondage pants, belly dance garb, and quite a few other items. The colors she prefers to wear are darker colors, most often black and purple. She likes to wear big black boots sometimes, but usually is bare footed so she do things with her toes, such as type, that she can't do with her wings.
AccessoriesOther than the piercings described above (all are in silver) she almost always wears a choker made out of a black ribbon with a wire-wrapped clear quartz shard. She can be seen wearing many different items other than these. She can even wear rings since the wing membrane doesn't start until after the first joint of the finger.
WeaponryShe prefers using her claws or a knife of some sort, but is also proficient with many types of guns.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has a black outward spiral coming from the bottom of both eyes (a marking, not makeup) and currently has two tattoos. One is the WuFu symbol (five red bats circling the Chinese symbol Shou) and is placed on the back of her neck. The other is a large Nautilus shell on her right shoulder. More may be added in the future. She also sports quite a few piercings. She has three rings in the bottom of both ears, two in the top of her left ear, one in the top of her right, and an ankh dangle in the tip of the right. She also has a labret piercing that most times has a long thin spike. She has two cleavage piercings on the inside of both breasts and two rings on the left side of her tail membrane. Her left pinky claw is pierced with a small crescent moon dangle. Two long fangs can be seen on either side of her mouth both open and closed. She has a long pink tongue that comes to a point that has darker pink scars due to her bad habit of chewing on it when she is stressed, scared, frustrated, etc. Her index finger is about 1/3 the length of the other fingers so she can still pick up various items etc. All claws (both hands and feet) are black. Her first toe is placed slightly higher on the foot and can be used sort of like a thumb for grasping and hanging upside down.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAttitude wise she is a bit confusing. She can go from very grouchy and occasionally slightly violent to very sweet and compasionate at a moments notice. She is very independent and likes to do things her way. She works hard for whatever goals she has and is very stubborn. Although she can act very serious most times, she can still laugh at herself and have fun. She is far from stupid, but doesn't show off her intellect. She is also very street smart. She prefers her own company most times, but loves her family and the few friends she has fiercely. It is fairly difficult to gain her trust, which is also easily lost, but she can be very loyal to those that show the same respect to her.
LikesCheesecake, art, bellydancing, zoology, science, animals, Ancient Egypt, piercings, tattoos, body modicication, corsetry and lots of other stuff.
DislikesLima beans, animal abuse, anyone saying she can't do something, anyone that tries to force their views on her or anyone else, being in the sun for long periods of time, large crowds, closed minded people, children and art blocks.
OccupationArtist and Zoology Student

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhile it may be true that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, sometimes it can be much more satisfying hacking your way through the rib cage.

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