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Lougara and Hir mate, Nidghrth, drawn by hirself

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLougara
Speciesjackal/thestral hybrid
SummaryLougara is a jackal/thetral hybrid. Shi is a polymorphic hermaphrodite taur, but shi prefers to stay in hir taurin form rather than any other form-that and shi is very clumsy and doesn't need to be on two feet. Shi has the forelegs of a jackal, the hind legs of a horse, a horse tail that arcs like an Arabian's and shi has a jackal head with thick brown shoulder length hair. Shi has emerald green eyes which both have egyptian markings. Shi has wings that are nothing but bone, each digit ending in a blood stained claw tip. the only muscles on hir wings are the ligaments holding the joints together. Hir hooves are gold, and hir fur is a golden yellow tan. shi usually wears a papyrus colored top and golden cuff bracelets on hir legs and arms.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourgolden tan
Hair Colourbrown or black, depending on hir mood
Eye Colouremerald green
Clothingusually a papyru colored top, egyptian style. otherwise, not much
Accessoriescuff bracelets, occasionally a few hoop earrings
Weaponryprefers hir own claws and fangs
Outstanding Featurestwo large bone wings each digit ending in a bloodstained claw tip. wingspan is about 8-10 ft

Personality & Background

Personalitybipolar, ADD/ADHD, acts before shi thinks, spastic, hyper, moody, messy, brash, loving, caring, possessive, territorial, maternal, xenophiliac
Backgroundjoined the fandom in 2000. char was a wolf taur, then progressed to abyssinian wolf taur, then underwent final mutation during boot camp.
Likesblood, drawing, dr.pepper, cheese, honest friends, not being broke, music, reading.
Dislikesseafood, anit military people, being broke, drama starters, artists that forget their commissioners, art thieves, people who compare 'fursecution' with the holocaust.
LocationPatuxent River, MD
OccupationMeteorologist for the US Navy
Additional Infocurrently mated to Nidghrth, aka patrick glass, hir xeno mate. Hir best fur friend is Anjel kitty

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"May the past that's dark with crimes, bring revenge in future times!"- Morgra, The sight

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