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Darker, in his perfered form

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDarker the Dragon
SpeciesShapeshifter (prefers dragon form)
GenderMale, most of the ti
HeightVaries, max height 10 feet
WeightVaries, max weight 10 tons

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGreen scales
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourOne blue, one red
ClothingRagged jeans
AccessoriesSpiral necklace of unknown metal and design
WeaponryNone, but who needs it when you can turn into whatever you want?
Outstanding FeaturesDarker is a shapeshifter that likes to be in a dragon form as much as possible, tho he can become any shape he desires, up to certain height, weight limits. He can't do inorganic transformations, and no matter what he becomes, his eye colour never changes, and he always has that necklace on him somewhere

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy and introverted towards strangers, but in truth slightly crazy, but in a good way (as in not the insane "I will kill you all" way)
BackgroundIt is unknown where Darker got his powers, or what species he was before. He keeps his past secret
LikesMeeting other furs, making/creating/building things, writing, drawing, loud techno or rock music, fighting tournaments
DislikesAlcohol (causes him to loose control of shapeshifting powers) spiteful or cruel people, cheats in the tournaments (the gits) falling really long distances (splats are hard to reform into a proper shape, see)
OccupationProfessional tourny fighter, writer
Additional InfoDoesn't care what poeple think of his habits or personality. Like it or lump it!

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