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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDragonien Hitsume
SpeciesFire Dragon
AgeMentally: 19 Acuall: 127
Height8 foot 3 inches
Weight782 pounds
SummaryThe Fun loving Fire dragon in the scales! Has a extremely large muscle structure and stands at a good 15 feet tall. Covered from head to toeclaws in shiny crimson scales. Has an addiction to size change, leaning closer to growth but still likes shrinking as well.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright crimson Scales, looking as if polished at every available opportunity with their appealing shine
Hair ColourA long streamer of straightened, black hair flows down to the dragons shoulders, shifting and swaying with barely the lightest breath of wind. Protruding from the back of his skull are two long, black horns that curve down slightly at the ends. The sides of his head where his ears would be instead sport webbed ear fins, the right one of which sports three piercing where small golden rings are hooked.
Eye ColourHis head is set with two large, seemingly glowing blue eyes that look as if they'd pierce even the very soul of any that they look at.
ClothingUsually wearing a black leather jacket with the symbol of a Dragons head on the back of it, unzipped to show the pure white, button up shirt underneath that sports the same symbol on the pocket the shirt has on the left breast. His lower body is usually sporting a pair of worn looking blue jeans, with a rip at the right kneecap where the knitting had become loosened and then torn. Underneath all that, if your Lucky enough to get a glimpse of his undergarments, he wears a rather tight Sky blue thong that contrasts nicely with his scale's color to help bring attention to the thong's 'contents'.
Outstanding FeaturesStanding a few inches over the eight foot mark, most furs would look up to this towering slab of Dragon, his broad pectorals and thick arm muscles pushing against the fabric of his clothing. Obviously he has either been working out for many years now, or has some of the best damn genetics that any bloodline has ever conceived from the look of his powerfully built body. His thighs are like small tree trunks, flexing and swelling out powerfully with even a little movement of them, his biceps bulging up and pressing against the tight knitting of his scales over them when hardly moving them at all. Once you get past looking across his well built athletes body, you can see the rest of his features. His long draconic muzzle filled with razor sharp teeth, some of which protrude slightly from his lips even when their closed, sports the same bright crimson scales the rest of him does. Traveling down past his wingless back you would come upon his tail protruding from the back of his pants, the thick prehensile length noticeably thicker and longer than what it should be for a normal dragon of his size. Around the front of his pants you�d notice a rather prominent bulge in his pants, either a hidden couple of sandwiches, or more likely the dragons sizable male anatomy. Going either up or down your eventually meet his foot or hand paws, the hand versions sporting three thick, scale clad fingers and an opposable thumb, while his feet sport three scaly toes, all of which appendages sport curved, razor sharp ivory claws.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's been known, told, scolded, and complimented all together for his massive, almost absurdly overaffectionate manner
LikesPie, fighting, video games, anime, J-Pop, drinking, and growing
DislikesDwarfs and gnomes (I WILL BURN THEM ALL!!!), 4 kids, robots, and Kaichi.
OccupationUsually a 'hirable escourt' *wink wink*, stripper, pole dancer, bodily alteration specialist, or just a random odd jobs kind of guy.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"perhaps today IS a good day for pie!" -Myself

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