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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaichi Ikagen
SpeciesHalf Dragon
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight130 pounds
SummaryA half human half dragon hybred who is the ultimate in Randomity and stupidity. Also one of the most powerful beings alive today. Always walks around in Bright red armor that looks kinda like Megaman's.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed scales cover most of his right arm and left leg while the rest of him is normal human skin
Hair ColourMessy brown hair
Eye Colourbrightly glowing Red reptile eyes
ClothingRed armor...
AccessoriesRed armor... again...
WeaponryThe ultimate weapon... The radomity drive which is built into his armor allows him to manipulate reality within a certain range around him however he wants. hes also a master of a secret technique called the ROSHAMBO, a powerful attack devastating to all men but useless against women
Outstanding Featuresalways has on a suit of sleek red armor that is grafted to his skin. his right arm and left leg are covered in red Scales and along with his tail, eyes, and teeth are the only thing that hints to him not being totally human

Personality & Background

PersonalityInsane, stupid, moronic, and random all in one package
BackgroundWhen he was younger Dragonien was trying a new spell and accidently split his soul in half. one half stayed with him and the other took the form of Kaichi who then escaped and dissapeared for 5 long years untill Dragonien found him again trying to steal the Stave of the Eternal, a magical weapon of omnipotence. Dragonien quickly used a spell to seal Kaichi back inside him but was unable to extract his half of their soul due to Kaichi's strong will to survive. Now he resides inside Dragonien and comes out only when Dragonien is too weak to hold him in.
LikesAnything but learning
DislikesAnything but learning
LocationInside Dragonien
Occupationbeing sealed away for the most part
Additional Infohe's F ing crazy!

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