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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTyphon, Herald of Decay
SpeciesRhino (Undead)
AgeUnknown, at least a century
SummaryThe world of Mercia: It contains the ten forms of mana, ten different energies that cause life, time, pretty much everything. Various forms of life have learned to use the mana best suited to them, either for the good of Mercia, or for thier own ends.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey skin
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingFull suit of dark green armour
AccessoriesAn assortment of talismans that keep the Destroyer Hive under his control
WeaponryA big rusty scythe, and the aformentioned daemon
Outstanding FeaturesTyphon's body is the host of a daemon called the Destroyer Hive, which manifests as a swarm of insects that carry deadly diseases. Other than that, he's dead and still moves around

Personality & Background

PersonalityJust basic, irrational anger at everything
BackgroundA century and a bit ago, Tymiron was an extremely adept user at swamp mana, and walked its razor edge daily. Though even the best wizards that use black mana can fall prey to it, and during a routine midnight sacrifice ritual the Destroyer Hive manifested, killed Tymiron and ressurected his corpse to use as its carrier and host. For half a century it slew at random, using Tymiron's body to get from place to place, until Tymiron's soul returned and regained control of his rotting husk. By now the Destroyer Hive was looking for another worthy body to possess, but Tymiron used his skill for swamp mana to trap them both in his body until it rotted to nothing so that both he and the Hive would die. Though his initial intentions were good, the Hive corrupted his mind and convinced him to reap souls to sustain his corpse. He became Typhon, and he and the Hive roam Mercia for all eternity, a twisted mockery of life...
LikesTyphon doesn't really like anything, you could say he either tolerates its continued existence or hates it. He wants to become a daemon though.
DislikesGoing so long without killing something that the destroyer Hive gets hungry and starts eating him instead. He also hates Cyrib for no obvious reason.
LocationUnknown. He could be across the continent, or he could be rampaging down the street. He leaves none alive.
OccupationHost to the Destroyer Hive
Additional InfoTyphon has a rivalry with Cyrib Thorngrowth, who is in a similar predicament, except she is host to more forest mana than she can possibly handle instead of a malevolent Hive of daemon bugs. Typhon reckons he could use her soul to fuel his ascention to daemonhood.