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X in one of his more awkward moments

Vital Statistics!

Character NameX-wolf

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourX's Fur is a Dark Blue with patch of white starting at the neck and working down to his thighs.
Hair ColourHis Headfur is unusually Large, long, and Spikey, not to mention a horrid shade of Green
Eye Colourand Calm Emerald Green.
ClothingX's wardrobe Changes pending on what he wants to wear, anything from nothing, to his 'father's' lab coat.
AccessoriesA Gothic Collar.
WeaponryOne Omega Series Buster cannon, as well as an arsenal of Scientific Weaponry.

Personality & Background

PersonalityX is highly unpredictible. One moment he is a calm caring fur, the Next he's a diabolical Villain hell bent on selfish desires. At the Same Time X's Goals are always Mysterious, leaving a trail of bread crums for people to follow while his mind tinkers at something for more insidious.
BackgroundX-wolf is the surogate Son of Doctor Omega, the Master of Genetics. Not much is known about X-wolf because he doesn't talk much, infact he's often motionless in the main room. X-wolf has come to have a Magic like most scientists, and regards it as a "crutch for his mind"
LikesScience fiction, Megaman, Super Hero Comics, Sensuality, a bit of Paws, and of course, living large.
DislikesI dunno... stuff

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDark Greetings