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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGrazmak Thraku
WeightAs heavy as you'd expect. I can't figure weight, okay?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark green
Hair ColourA kinda mohawk, in black with a red stripe along the top
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingGrey mechanics overalls, a khaki green flak jacket and a slightly squashed commissar's cap he found somewhere
AccessoriesThe pockest of his jacket are full of useful bits of scrap metal. A souped up red motorcycle
WeaponryThe sheer power of belief in his mechanical creations (See Background) plus latent, subconscious telekinesis (the two may be linked)
Outstanding FeaturesHis right arm is a bionic prosthetic

Personality & Background

PersonalityGrazmak is considered by many to be a bit stupid, on account of him tawkin loike dis. He is in fact very cunning and a brilliant inventor. Almost all of his contraptions work, even if they're built from scrap.
BackgroundUnknown. However, Grazmak seems to have bulletproof belief in his creations, a sort of subconscious belief that they WILL work that is so strong they do, without question. If he requires a firearm, he'll stick a handle, trigger and a magazine of bullets to a pipe, and it will work because he belives it will so strongly. This may be the reason that D.O.G. functions without any apparent power supply. Another example of this ironcast belief is "Da red wunz go fasta!" If Grazmak were to build two identical vehicles, paint one blue, and the other red, the red one will travel much faster than the blue because he believes it will.
LikesThe latest gizmo, his big mech-pet D.O.G., trawling the scrapyard for useful stuff, pasta
DislikesOily pants
LocationHis workshop, under his latest tank/weapon/thing
OccupationMechanic and engineer, unofficial memeber of the Kult Of Speed (A gang of motorcycle-riding furrs that like to go really fast. They visit Grazmak when they need thier bikes fixing)
Additional InfoLikes tomato sauce on that pasta

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteOi screwz it togevva, bash it a bit wif me ammer, an then it goes REAL fast, yer?