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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFoxFire
SpeciesRed Fox

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSoft fluffy red fur , with a black mask colouration , black tiped ears and two black stripes going down the back
Hair ColourBushy grey hair with natural black high lights
Eye ColourRed , glows red when use his psyhic energies.
ClothingA white lab coat , white pants and a long grey leather coat.
AccessoriesBlue goggles with a black tint to the lense.
WeaponryYou name it Fox has it.^_~ Natural abilities: Psyhic balls of energy , Telekinesis , Limited ability to see in the future.[not too dependable] Weapons: -The b5 mark 1 Growth gun=Allows fox to change the size of objects. -AITDD[Artifical Intellgent Time Demetional Device]= A device that can send people forward or backwards in time , another demention , limbo , or cruch them with the gravity of a black hole. The device is artifiaclly intelligent and will only work for FoxFire. Also has a highly advanced anti virus and hacking program , but if it's program is some how compermised it will selfdestruct. Will defend itself against people that try to use it other than FoxFire. -Nano bot vile=A vile filled with nanobots. When broken in the air the the bots will form a spore like cloud. Once enhaled the bots will perceed to take over the targets nervous system and brain leaving the target a slave to FoxFire's every wish. The bots will not bother FoxFire and are programed to selfdestruct if they feel their program has been compermised. -Sometime carries a large cannon with a detachable sword straped to his back.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA lone wolf half of the time an eccentric scientist bent on world domination the other.
BackgroundFoxFire was originally created as a doomsday weapon by a race of super beings and known by the name ShaddowFire. ShaddowFire resembled a cross between a bat , a fox , and a demon. He was a unstopable force bent on wipeing out all life , but he came across a new sensation that his creators had not expected...Love. This distracted him and made him unable to maintain his corporeal form. He then sook out a new form and was reborn as FoxFire. The ShaddowFire part of FoxFire now lies dormant.He has no memory of that past life , but has learned of his past. FoxFire spends most his time inventing things in his quest for world domination[old habits die hard]. Though to little avail as his macro assistant Kitten has a habit of unintentionally messing up his plans. It's unsure if he has feelings for Kitten but if so he doesn't like to admit it.
LikesWar , robots , genetic creations , world domination , tecnology and possibly Kitten though he's not likely to admit it.
DislikesHaveing his invention broke by Kitten and his macro creations.
LocationCastle Fox Canada.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe World is mine!!!