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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJack Wayne
Weight265 lbs
SummaryJack joined the army when he was young, his years fighting has turned him into what he always wanted to be. He has blonde hair, a small 'stache, and a fit body. When he and some soldiers were snet on a mision in the woods of Germany, after nightfall came, it was a full moon, he soon heard howling, after he went back to see his platoon, they were all killed. As soon as he went after the thing that caused their death's, he came across another mangled carcass. He saw it was a fresh one, he knew whatever did this wasn't human. He ran after it, and was ambushed, he tried shooting it, but his rifle was knocked aside, he saw a strange wolf had attacked him, it had Nazi clothing, but all he could see of it was yellow eyes, after it left, he returns bacl to the radio, and he was taken out of there. He discovered he was infected after there was a bunch of murders all over the city, and they were all on a full moon. He soon felt the pain of changing once, and realized soon, he was a werewolf, He left the army, and he wanders for a cure, he tries not to make friends anymore, for he is afriad of hurting them.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourpale
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingBiker's jacket, olive shirt, vest, jeans/ U.S Commando outfit
Accessoriesa pocket watch, holster, glasses
WeaponryLuger 9mm, vintage sniper rifle, Thompson smg, "Potato Mashers"
Outstanding FeaturesHe is a fine fit fellow

Personality & Background

PersonalityJack is a kind person, but he has a short fuse sometiems, he is a decent guy.
BackgroundArmy: three years
LikesStaying well fit, vegtables, reading, and helping others while he helps himself
DislikesHurting others, Silver, meat, killing for no true reason, and the full moon
Occupationretired soldier