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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLaeithus
Weight430.000 Tons.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis torso feathers are black, his wings ones platinum silver and his horse lower body is deep brown.
Hair ColourLong pony tail grey hair.
Eye ColourSoft green.
ClothingHe wears only a simple pair of jeans.
AccessoriesGlasses, sunglasses, pilot like glasses.
WeaponryHis claws and beak.
Outstanding FeaturesA powerful massive build muscle mass and a "hyperish" male atributes. His beak seems to be made of gold with some red colour complex designs covering it and his claws are made of diamond hard like obsidian.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKind and nice, sometimes he can be a quite bit distant but is just because he doesn´t like to spend his words talking about stupid things. Is very social but enjoys to be alone, he is that kind of creatures who no depents of anybody.
BackgroundLaethius is a mid class guy who during his childhood suffered the humilation of be a smart guy with a obessity problem. Lost in his inner world and not very sociable by the fear of be insulted or humiliated he began to change during his teenagehood, go to the gym and go out for meet people at social places like bars or hobby associations. During that time he meet the memebers of a club constitued by cinema and literature lovers (who introduce him into the pen and papaer RPGs and the fantastic literature) and finally decide to get into a more serious thing in the gym, beginning his carrer as amateur bodybuilder. Now he studies phylosophy in the University of Barcelona as searchs new jobs for pay the rent of the student departament where he lives.
LikesLong term conversations about cinema, literature and phylosophy, yiff, grow, gym workout, pubs, comic books and yiff.
DislikesStupidity, clumsiness, lazyness, irresponsability and egolatry.
LocationBorn at Ibiza, he now lives in Barcelona.
OccupationPhylosophy college student.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Omnia mutants" -A Pre-socratic school saying.

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