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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMulan Tidestar
SpeciesWater Kami
SummaryMulan looks like a fox gone native underwater. Covered in light blue dolphin-like skin with dark blue socks and gloves she's graced with an exotic beutey and an athletic body containing an intelligent mind and a firey spirit. She left home when her gift of psionics rather then magic made her an outcast amoung her own people, Mulan now seeks to find her own place in the world. A child of the sea her emotions vary quickly between clam reserve and great intensity like the ebb and flow of the tides, her personalty depends on her mood at the time.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSea blue dolphin-like skin with deep blue "gloves and socks"
Hair ColourWhite "head-frills" with spots of blue, one in the middle of her head and two on ether side behind her ears.
Eye ColourSoild white
ClothingAnything that wont bind when underwater.
AccessoriesA black steel tail-band that acts as a Ring of water mastery.
WeaponryDual M-9 Pistols enchanted with a water-proofing spell.
Outstanding FeaturesA spine like that of a tropical fish midway down her back, another on her tail and two small fan-like frills on the back sides of her paws.

Personality & Background

LikesSwiming, music, video games, the nightlife, sweets, reading, people that stay true to themselfs.
DislikesDishonesty, Pointless arguments, Rap music, Voidskulls (People that make utter idots out of themselfs), Codependence.
LocationSentinel rock, a Lighthouse.
OccupationShe runs her Lighthouse as a small sea-side inn.
Additional InfoAs a water sprit Mulan is able to change size and shape at will, she's also Psychokinetic. But she has to remain within 300 yards of a body of water or suffer the efects of rapid dehydration.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYou look like a shipwreck, I should know I've caused a few ;)