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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCatobi Mousi
SpeciesWhite Cat
AgeAppears Close to 18 actual age is unknown
Height5' 9
SummaryAn Anchient Avatar of Nature's Will, Catobi is a White Catress with BloodRed Hair. Her Powers Lie in Perfect Control over the Balance and Laws of Natures Will. She Finds herself only involved in matters where the balance of nature is disturbed. Also Many Say they swear she is truley a Wandering Ghost More than being a Living Entity.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure White with a Black Fur pattern on her back that looks like two Trees intertwining into a Black Bird Wings Spread
Hair ColourBlood Red With Long Bangs tied in the back into a large poneytail.
Eye ColourEyes are a Ruby Red that gleam with a Sparkle that when people gazre into them they swear they can see there own death.
ClothingDresses Always Very Lightly wearing only a White FLowing Dress .
AccessoriesHas a Neclace Around her Neck with a Pentacle Pendant Made of Red Jade
WeaponryCarries No Weapons
Outstanding FeaturesLeft Ear Is Pearced with Three earings with MoonStone in the earings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs a Energetic and Livley Person but her attitude seems to change along with her eyes as some times other things start comming through
BackgroundCatobi Is truley what most reffer to as an avatar a incarnation of a higher being, Best to say she is the Avatar of Life and Death.
LocationThe Great Forest of Gaia
OccupationA Wanderer who has no need for wealth
Additional InfoHer PEndant Might just Be Holding something Back

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBy My Name By My Will I Banish You Forever To the Infinit Abyss Frome Where You Came

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