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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJulian the macrowerewolf
Speciesarctic wolf
Heightso tall his feral paws are the size of cars

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourrealistic white mix
Hair Colourrealistic white mix
Eye Colourorange
Accessoriespaws the size of cars
Outstanding Featuresmacro feral wolf

Personality & Background

Personalitytimid, cheerfull but shy, majestic and serious but fun and caring. noble and loyal, flexable but insecure simple wolf , as in nature,
BackgroundFinish Wolf
Likessmall furs exploring and enjoying his macrowolf-ness
Dislikescausing harm to furs, expecialy accidently
Locationanywhere near small furs to care for
OccupationWolf by Nature
Additional InfoWolves do not speak, wolves do not think , wolves act. Through action wolves interact, show their emotions, intentions, and loyalties. The wolf is a real life real live wolf and should be treated as such, you would not leap up buildings in a single bound, or scale a rock wall withought safty, or jump off a buildings roof and be unharmed, please take the same caution and common sence with being around a macro. the wolf has the sincerest o intentions, but he still is a creature of great size weight speed and power, even envoluntairly. he is not full comprehending of the complex furry/human world around him, he does hold a gleam of intelligence making him peacefull around small things, not hungry. However, many of his behaviours "are" ruled by instinct. Please do not think Julian is moody, antisocial or emotional, just because he is quiet. Julian is a slow wolf , and lacks a lot of energy and prefers for people to interact with him majorily.