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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCyan Mesurria
SpeciesAnthro Dragon
Height5 inches
WeightEr...not a lot, that's for sure.
SummaryA small, shy dragon, he's usually found hiding beneath or behind something, yet still curious about what's going on. Not much of a fighter, he's usually always trying to find his way...though he rarely does. He's just happy to be around people, more or less, of any size.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSky-blue, with a bit of white on his underside.
Hair ColourNone, really.
Eye ColourGreen, kinda like Camis'.
ClothingHe normally wears a white t-shirt and shorts, each allowing his small tail and wings to pop out.
AccessoriesHe doesn't really carry anything with him, actually.
WeaponryHe's more meant to just simply defend. However, he does have a few profound defensive things he can do... ~Frozen Guardian~ An ice shield surrouds him and whatever he wants to protect. Things that touch it have a chance of completely freezing as well. ~Wind Barrier~ An invisible force of air pushes everything away from him, anything too close getting launched into the distance. After either of these, though, he usually tires out.
Outstanding FeaturesHis tiny size, his large (on his scale), blueish wings, and the fact that it takes a near miracle to look you in the eyes at any given time.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's beyond normal limits of shyness, seeming to blush at everything, even when there's nothing wrong. He talks minimally, usually to shy to say anything. He'll hide at a second's notice if he's frightened...and it's usually hard to coax him from that. Reminding him of his past will sink him into a deep melancholy.
BackgroundCyan was raised at home in an alternate Earth, filled with, apparently, mythical creatures. He was accidentally pulled through a temporal rift when Camis activated a new device he had created, and the two swapped worlds. Cyan met up with a few friends of Camis' (Mark, Tikini, and Dragonien), all who seemed eager to aid the tiny dragon in getting home, as well as find their friend, who left behind the Lunar Orb he needed to survive. Using a prototype device, they finally were able to get to Cyan's homeworld, only to discover a beaten and wounded Camis. They were promptly attacked by two androids, only one of which even proposed a temporary threat. As stories unfolded, it turned out that Camis had been defending Cyan's parents from the android "hunters", before getting doubleteamed by them and crushed. Unfortunately, to Cyan's horror, he had not been able to spare the elder dragons from death. Cyan took a while to get over the event, only mostly illeviated when Dragonien accepted to adopt him as a brother. Since then, Camis has held the only momento to Cyan's past, a single claw...
LikesThose friendly to him, being around others, his brother, Dragonien...such like that.
DislikesUnhappiness, being startled too greatly, mentioning about his past...and more things along those lines.
LocationUsually flying around somewhere...
OccupationNone, really.

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