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Vital Statistics!

Character NameValery
SpeciesHalf Panther/Half Pink Focks with an Anthro, kit and quad form
Age23 (human years)
SummaryValery is a pink focks from the North Eastern territories. She belonged to a tribe of vulpines called the Winnoquinne who could be generally classified as American Primitive to some degree. She has a quad and a kit form she can shift to as a result of her limited studies of her tribe's magicians.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPink with white under my nose and down her tummy. As fall progresses to winter, she grows a pristine white, fluffy coat of fur.
Eye ColourA fade from grey to blue
ClothingWhatever's laying around my room when I wake up
AccessoriesI have a staff made by Lance that I have fitted with artifacts from my pack. It makes sparks when it's tapped on the ground. I also carry around a little plushy of myself dressed like a harem girl, given to me by Incaros.
WeaponryValery carrys a buck knife that she keeps fastened to her belt. Though she is limber enough to fight with teeth and claws should the need arise, she see's no harm in being prepared.
Outstanding FeaturesIn her quad form, Valery has stripes of Darker pink running up her nose and over her back, disipating into her fluffy tail fur. Se's small for a focks, near the size of a fennec and has large ears. As a kit, she wears a sriped blouse and has oversize jean shorts. She's known to run around with her treasured stuffy, a piggie!

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's generally bubbly, almost childish with wild sensibilities. Though she has alot of noted ideas contrary to her pack, her indigeonous up-bringing has left an imprint. She has not entirely learned her new language and often doesn't know what gadets are. She has a marked disinterest in social graces as most of them seem silly, like wear clothes in public...what's that all about?
LikesFocks Treats (especially the rabbit flavored ones), walks, being pet, chasing things, sniffing, scratching, hopping up onto the counter, her old torn couch.
DislikesRaccoons! (though there are exceptions) Males are not her favorite things and she avoids them where possible.
OccupationFocks..professional and for fun.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMew!