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My own drawing of Taela, no stealing!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaela Dragonfox
Age22 years old
Height5ft 5in
WeightHehee... no.
Summary"Insane Artist" is the most basic description. Semi-antisocial, I tend to prefer small groups and avoid large crowds like the plague. I chat on AIM/YM/MSN, but only to folks who either know me IRL or introduce themselves properly. Also, I despise chatspeak and I will not talk to anyone who refuses to use proper spelling & grammar. I am also a Mac-Addict and I consider Windows-based computers to be evil hellspawn. I work at a computer shop, so I tend to techno-babble a lot.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed or Crimson Red with white belly & tail tips, green wings.
Hair ColourRed/white split
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingJean "capri's" or shorts, tank-style shirt
AccessoriesVarious pet dragons, iPod, sketchbook
WeaponryBoth fire-magic and natural fire-breath, claws (if fighting, prefers melee to ranged or weapons-based). Occasionally swords and/or "Redneck"-style clubs (2x4's or heavy wood planks with old nails)
Outstanding FeaturesDragon wings, elongated neck, two long tails (generally prehensile), Digigrade anthro

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally laid back, semi-antisocial/generally loner, very artistic
BackgroundTaela is a mix of 4 species. Her mother was an Asian Kitsune/American Red Fox cross, while her father was an Asian Water Dragon/European Green Dragon cross.
LikesThe Apple Corporation, Art, fantasy genres, Anime
DislikesIdiots, Rap/R&B/HipHop, The Microsoft Corporation, art-thieves, chatspeak/leet, crowds, mornings......
LocationDelaware, aka Redneckland.
OccupationAdministrative Assistant / tech assistant
Additional InfoI'm always open for art commissions! See my DeviantArt Page.

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