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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVixy
WeightHow dare you?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFire red, white down her chin to her rotch and to her inner thighs
Hair Colournavy
Eye Colourblue
ClothingVixy is the one who loves to show off her body and her breasts, she tends to wear a small black shirt, and a short pink skirt, she has boots up to her knees, and gloves on her hands to her elbows
Accessoriesearings, backpack, T-mobile sidekick
Weaponryshe knows one or two martial arts, and she carries a 44. Revover
Outstanding Featuresshe is a curvy girl, she has D cups and she has an hourglass figure, she has beautiful legs and her butt is cute.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVixy has a great personality, she loves purple and pink like her girlfriend Kate, she has a hormone imbalance, and can have explosive emotions to almost any situation, but she tends to settle down easily
Backgroundshe was Ren's first and most loved girl, and they have been together ever since they left were in Elementary school, then they separated after Highschool ended, she wanted to find him but she decided to let time go by.
LikesBeing sexy, flirting, Manga, a good movie or game, nachos, skinny dipping, her friends, she doesn't mind yiff, big dragons, her friend Kate, and she is alright with other females
Dislikesguys who show no consideration for her nature, EMO, math
OccupationMassuese, dancer