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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLee Seruk
SpeciesLox (Lion/Fox)
AgeAppears to be Twenty-eight.
Height7' 11

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourExcept for the mane his fur is patterned like a fox's haveing white fur on his eartips with a light brown for his main body and black fur on his tailtip.
Hair ColourHe has a slight mane like a lion's Colored Dark brown that is long near the top but gets shorter the closer it gets to his neck.
Eye ColourHis eyes are solid white except for the black pupils, though a small ring appears around the pupil indicateing they may be glazed over from death or it may be just a defect for his species mix.
ClothingWears a pair of black Khaki's that have rips along the legs, they held slightly by a pair of black suspenders. Has a pair of black boots on his feet. He also wears a t-shirt that has black and red Horizontal stripes, over it is a black trenchcoat and on his head is a black Stetson.
AccessoriesA pair of wire framed glasses. A gold pocket watch with a chain that can be seen from his pocket.
WeaponryCarries an M82 .50 cal. Sniper rifle He also has a pair of Broadsword styled sabers that are double edged, aswell as a miniature double bladed battle axe. Useing precision needles and knives for throwing weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesHis eyes and his body build which closely resembles that of a lions musculature, though decidedly his body takes after the look of a fox. There are two black marks going vertically up the fur of his eyes makeing it appear as if he has a scar going up across each eye, it is just part of his fur pattern.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe can be seen somewhat as a serious person, yet he can be friendly enough. Then again he someimes has a short temper.
BackgroundLived as the second in command to a powerful warlord even mentioned in the history books to be quite the able bodied swordsman. After the warlord died in a mysterious explosion, some saying it was caused by Lee himself though the truth is it was caused by the enemy warriors. He managed to surivive the explosion himself and is said to make numerous appearances through out history in diffrent Attire each time, fighting for the weaker side. Others refering to him as 'The ghostly bladesmen.' for his eyes and cloaking ability. He acquired a rifle later on, learning to be quite the sharpshooter, though being quite capable to get in for close combat.
LikesUnknown as of yet, though he does enjoy the company of other people.
LocationHe tends to travel around only stopping for places he finds interesting or when necessary.
Additional InfoHe has a cloaking ability that will block the senses of others so he can not be tracked by sight, scent, or spirit. Elemental abilities have to do with the wind, lightning, earth and fire Also has the ability over Darkness.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLive in the moment, stay for the time and don't lose yourself to your anger.