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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSneve

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple short fur over all the body.
Hair ColourLong, pointy kitty ears, light purple fur on the head, painting a moon like pattern on it.
Eye ColourDark purple.
Clothing. A silk maded, tight dark-blue shirt, black pants. Either a silver or a Red metalic armor, one used for ground battles, and the other for dragon riding battles respectively.
Accessoriesa pair of leather belts over the waist.
WeaponryA silver made sword and a short bow (almost never carries em).
Outstanding FeaturesWell built, humanish male body, dark purple thin fur covering all his body, chest and belly area with thin fur pained in light purple, slightly muscular body, black paintings through the edge of his eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasy going, sometimes quiet and a little shy, but usually in happy, playful moods. ( OOC Info ) A quiet, darkly mood, usually serious, but gentle, especially with women, high sense of duty and honor. ( IC info )
BackgroundUnknown ( OOC Info ) It is said to be the survivor of the masacre of Mirage, a city destroyed in the Great War, also known as the Red Rain Age, taken by a noble, military family, and raised as the son of the General Kiba and a respected member of the Silver Wing Guard from Zenobia. ( IC Info )
LikesMost types of music, dancing, videogames, naughty games, movies, some anime, traveling a lot, camping. ( OOC Info ) Quiet places, darkness, the shine of hte moon, the moon itself, dark forests, doing his duties, loneliness. A mostly dominant sexual behavior, biased to old styled, sweet loving. ( IC Info )
DislikesLiars, hyprocresy, group music... , close minded people, drama whores, giving up. ( OOC Info ) Arrogance, people who cannot follow the rules, noise. ( IC Info )
LocationMexico ( OOC Info ) Unknown, nomadic lifestyle ( IC Info )
OccupationGraphic Design student< _( OOC Info ) Mercenary, leader of a small, group of bounty hunters. Former General and Tactician of the Silver Claw Guard ( IC Info )
Additional InfoAdept to Dark and Ice magic, weak to fire and lighting magic, immune to the so called blue magic, based on status altering sorcery ( such as sleep, stone curses, etc ), resistant to light and holy magic.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe most beautiful things are those you never get to understand

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