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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKenji Torren
SpeciesManed Wolf
Height7' 5

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a deep red with a patch of black on the back of his neck and around it, black 'gloves' and 'socks' on his arms and legs his tail haveing a white tip.
Hair ColourShort and dark red a tuft of it sticking up infront.
Eye ColourHis eyes are silver.
ClothingWears a dark blue t-shirt with a pair of forest camo pants, on his feet are a pair of black and white sneakers. Over his shirt he wears a dark red coat that has the emblem of a Shield with a crossed swords on it, the shield black in color with a gold lineing a picture of a wolf head on the shield aswell.
AccessoriesIs always wearing a black leather collar that has a silverplate on the back of it that has his name etched into it.
WeaponryCarries a pair of H&K USP handguns a Barrett M82 sniper rifle with a pair of combat knives and a case of throwing knives. Also has a pair od Katana called Jikaro and Rikai.
Outstanding FeaturesLeft ear has a notch in it.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a friendly person though sometimes he is a bit protective.
BackgroundHas lived quite well, comeing from a rich family he tended to get what he wanted, though when he turned eighteen the first thing he did was leave home, takeing a chunk of the family fortune with him to fund himself for a bit, buying himself a vehicle and some other gear. Unable to get a job and refuseing to go back to his family, he decided on a life of crime. He was taught the ways of thievery for six years until he was taught well enough to do good on his own. He knows a good deal of thief magic.
LikesMakeing friends, haveing a good time and exploreing.
LocationWanders for now
Additional Infohe has elemental abilities pertaining to earth, wind, fire, lightning, darkness and light.