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Art done by Vick

Vital Statistics!

Character NameIndira
SpeciesFive tailed Kitsune
Height8ft 4in (Size Shifter)
Weight*zaps them to a horny macro

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA dark red/maroon colour where orange fur normally is, while where is normally white is turquoise.
Hair ColourLong black hair
Eye ColourEmerald green
ClothingHer casual clothing consists of black jeans and a black tank top while from time to time she wears a ninja's GI, covering entire body except for her eyes and the area around them
AccessoriesWill add when not half asleep
WeaponryA rather large Nagamaki so that it is the same proportions to her as it would be to an average sized person. But that weapon is mainly when she gets into the thick of battle, when she needs to be more stealthy she uses a katana or throwing knives.
Outstanding FeaturesLook at Fur/Scale Colour

Personality & Background

PersonalitySometimes she can be quite cold and heartless, but this is rare because despite her grim occupation she is actually quite friendly and enjoys being around others and teasing all sized furs.
BackgroundBred from birth to be a killer and learnt to just accept this. She killed countless people with little remorse just because she was told to by her father. Eventually after she tried to kill a particularly sorrowful fur who begged for their life she began to wonder why she is killing people just because she is told to. The kitsune soon after started to despise herself for all the suffering she had caused, but could never escape her fathers will, so still she kills people, but she refuses to kill those that don't deserve it; which angers her father to no end.
LikesShe enjoys sparring from time to time but this is not that often. She mainly enjoys cuddling furs of all shapes and sizes. She also has an odd obsession over cookies, which she likes a lot.
DislikesInconsiderate *beep*tards. Having cookies kept from her.
LocationOn the hunt