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Drawn by Animecat

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKappy

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe's a very clean black, with a muzzle outline of white (with a dip on her cheek) which trails just below her collar bone.. Each boob (for lack of a better term.. :P) is white, and her tummy down past her hips and ont he inside of her legs are white. White sleeves on her arms (left arm having a longer sleeve) and white boots (swirled on the front) and white dual stripes that start at her back and down to the tip of her tail... Equipped with dangerously fuzzy blue headfur, styled to be a flop-hawk.
Hair ColourBlue headfur slicked (or fluffed) to one side in a flop hawk. Sometimes spiked in the back.
Eye ColourChange from a deep chocolate to a green.. mostly Hazel.
ClothingUsually wears wideleg pants, or jeans, occasionally can wear feminine pants.. Shirts are usually tank tops/halter tops, or sweaters.
AccessoriesLip piercing.. sometimes glasses.
WeaponryAss gas. Beware.
Outstanding FeaturesKappy has a heavier frame, but carries it well. Cuddly shape, and her blue hair distinguish her :3

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's pretty bubbly most of the time, but with certain people can be very quiet or secluded. Usually perfers to keep her feelings to herself, but can be caught being sentimental once in a while.
LikesMusic, Art, Piercings and Tattoos
DislikesAssholes, People who are ignorant or just plain stupid, and kitchen utensils.
LocationSt. Albert / Edmonton
OccupationFreelance artist

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Just because you're on a diet, doesnt mean you cant look at the menu." - My manager, regarding looking at other people when in a relationship