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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCaitlyn
Age23 (as of April 15) =^-^;=
WeightShame on you, for asking a lady.
SummaryCaitlyn is a young kind and imaginative lynxess who loves water and being playful. She is normally a college-bound kitty, but sometimes uses plot devices like her squeegee and hypo-alchemy kit to have a little fun.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer thick fur is mostly tan-colored, with darker spots that almost form stripes all about. The spots fade at the sides until they completely disappear on her underside (the bottoms of her arms and paws as well as her chest and tummy). Her fur tends to whiten during the winter. She has big paws and a stubby tail, something which she is occasionally self-conscious about, but she still manages to ignore most of the time.
Hair ColourHer head, like most lynxes, is decorated with black tufts at the tips of her ears and very defining stripelike spots atop her forehead and on her cheeks as well as regular spots on her muzzle where her whiskers emerge. In addition to that, she has glossy black hair extending down to her shoulderblades.
Eye ColourHer large catty eyes are a dark, dark brown, but occasionally turn an icy blue. The pupils open as vertically oriented slits as is typical for a cat, but are barely visible until her irises change color.
ClothingHer clothes may vary, but will most likely will be seen in plain casual outfits consisting of shorts and a colorful loose-fitting t-shirt, or pajamas at night, or sometimes in a bright sundress if the weather is right. She doesn't like wearing shoes, and so she usually avoids them when she can. Since she often loves to go swimming or playing in the water, she also favors wearing an aqua blue one-piece suit for the swim.
AccessoriesNot really one for jewelry or useless stuff, Caitlyn tries to keep her worn accessories at a minimum.
WeaponryCaitlyn doesn't really have or use weapons in the attacking sense, but she does keep a couple useful toonlike (in function, not appearance) plot-manipulating props. Examples include a scene-changing squeegee, a prototyping crayon, a shapechange/age ray, and an alchemy kit for tons of other transformations. She has a lot more imagination-based "plot devices"; you'll just have to learn as you encounter them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's a fun-loving fur, keen on mischief and is not afraid of stirring something up... and yet she may turn around and be the sweetest thing on two or four paws.
BackgroundShe had been introduced to the Bigfurs world by Tavis after spending some time in roleplaying chat.
LikesPlaying in the rain, meeting new people, spending lazy Sundays reading comics and stories, and making fun of Tavis. She has a soft spot for cuddling, especially smaller furs which isn't that common for her. She also likes using her plot devices, but not on others unless they clearly want to play along too.
DislikesShe does not like to yiff, and does get uncomfortable at times when someone becomes too affectionate physically.
LocationShe'd rather not say exactly, but she does live in the southeast Texas area.
OccupationShe is participating as a student at the BFCC. A BFCC-specific profile can be found in the related forum topic (link provided at "homepage"). Where profile information conflicts, the stuff here covers her IRC self, while stuff there refers to things specific to her BFCC story.
Additional InfoBecause of her many attribute-changing props, she can be just about anything she wishes. She quite often regresses to her "Lil`Caity" form, a 10-year old anthro lynx kitten, to play.

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