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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLegacy
GenderFemale (current)
AgeAppears in mind-twenties (current)
Height5'7'' (current)
Weight175 (current, most is tail)
SummaryElle, as she goes by, is a virus. Yes, a virus. Please look in the 'additional information' section to see some of what this entails.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, pure white.
Hair ColourWhite.
Eye ColourBrilliant green.
ClothingAlways simple and always changing. View posts for updates. Never wears shoes, however, and almost always wears the minimal-- tanktops, belly-shirts, miniskirts and the like.
AccessoriesPiercings. Labret ring curls close to her lip and five earrings in each ear, all hoops.
WeaponryTail, claws, teeth... It wouldn't be hard to notice the lengthened teeth and claws. The tail is a little more discreet. Beneath all of that lovely fur is the equivalent of an axe-blade. Capsids may be considered a weapon, but can do little damage themselves.
Outstanding FeaturesLong ears look much like those of a bat but never seem to pull upright on her head. Instead they're always slumped to the sides. Who knows if they're even useable. Also an obvious feature is the long tail. It's slightly longer than she is tall, and looks quite delicate about a foot and a half from the end before it thickens again into what appears to be a mass of fine fur. It is, but underneath it is something a little less pleasant. Also present but almost always hidden from sight are the capsids. One might think of them as slim tentacles, but that wouldn't be entirely correct. These 'tubes' emerge from her back at her will and can extend up to fifteen feet at current. Maximum capsid number is ten, but extending all at once would be a difficult task-- they follow the length of her spine, five on each side.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoSelf-replication - Replications and original virus have a shared conscious - Replications require no extra energy once created - Replications can be replaced after destroyed Control of most other organisms by use of capsids - Requires physical contact with capsids (internal) - Control is broken if capsid contact is lost Ability to change form - Requires use of a host - Mutation is not selective Exceptional physical strength (bred) Exceptional speed (bred) If you have any questions about what any of these mean, -please- whisper me and I would be glad to explain. Also, please keep in mind that using any of these special abilities does require energy. She cannot simply replicate and control whenever she wants. Capsid length and number is affected by her heatlh, as is her ability to replicate.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteCurrent power levels: Able to self-replicate [2] times Control of [4] organisms Status of replication 1: Inactive Status of replication 2: Inactive