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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTalon Lardner
HeightFive Feet Even
Weight140 pounds
SummaryTalon stands about five feet tall, with a skinny, almost underweight frame, with trademark rodent buck teeth as well. He has white fur all across his body save his hands, feet, and tail, which are covered in light peach fuzz fur, making them look pink. On top of his head lays his messy, unkempt black head fur (Or Hair, if you prefer), much longer than body fur, with bangs teasing his eyes, and a very slight mullet. Talon usually dresses in a loose t-shirt of many designs, and always is seen wearing slightly ripped blue jeans, often stained with either dirt or grease. He only wears socks and shoes when it it is cold out or in hazardous areas. He also wears glasses with a fairly strong prescription. He can not see very well without them at all, yet they always seem to have a touch of a smear on the lenses. Talon Lardner is your average college student... well, average in some RP worlds. He often rides his bike despite owning an AMC Eagle. If you catch him during school hours, he wears a backpack absolutely crammed with books and papers, hesitant to throw any possibly useful thing away. He tends to drink soda a bit too often for his own good, but he eats somewhat healthy... well...unless his wallet is low, then it's just ramen and Taco Bell. His personality is quite shy, perferring to stick to the outside of groups, listening in to them, but hesitant to contribute. He seems to be easially manipulable, but when he does what you manipulated him to do, he sometimes seems like knew that you'd have him do that all along, making you wonder who manipulated who. His mind is the strongest part of him, and often prefers to just sit and think as opposed to socialising.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, mixed with a touch of cream
Hair ColourBlack, messy, almost mullet like
Eye ColourGrey ((NOT red like the pic))
Clothing(as explained above)
AccessoriesBackpack, wristwatch, Glasses
WeaponrySwiss Army Knife, baseball bat
Outstanding FeaturesNone save random scuff marks on his tail and feetpaws,

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy, yet is able to come out of his shell once he is calm enough and knows everyone well
Background((Depends on the roleplay, He is usually a average College Student))
LikesSpending quality time with others, getting to know new people
DislikesNot too much at all
LocationRural Michigan
OccupationMerchandice Technician

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