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Rhianna, as drawn by Mishakun.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRhianna Ravenclaw
SpeciesTherianthrope. Weretiger, to be precise. Can control her shifting, and morph from her human form to her full feline form at will. Is usually in her anthro tiger form, unless otherwise noted.
AgeTwenty three years old.
HeightFive foot seven inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and fifty pounds. Very curvy.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer pelt is made up of soft, silky, slightly shaggy black fur covering her entire body. Silver stripes are scattered throughout said black fur.
Hair ColourRhi has long pitch black hair, tumbling in loose curls down to her lower back. It's quite wavy naturally, especially towards the ends, where it looks like she's had a loose spiral perm put in.
Eye ColourSilver eyes with black irises and long black lashes. Her eyebrows are the same silver color of her eyes.
ClothingThis depends on mood, and there are a few separate possibilities.

When in super Domme-mode or whenever the feline is just flat-out feeling frisky, she can be found in a shiny black latex V-necked full body catsuit. Her hands, face, and footpaws are the only things not covered by the outfit.

She typically wears a matching set of black satin bra & panties beneath it. When in this outfit, Rhianna is never without her knee high black latex boots, which zip up along the sides. She also sometimes wears matching black latex gloves with this outfit.

When feeling more laid back or somewhat sleepy and/or lazy, Rhi usually puts on a more casual outfit. This consists of a sheer silver tank top and a matching pair of shorts. If it's cold, she'll trudge around in some warm fuzzy fleece pajamas.
AccessoriesWhite gold (silver in color) barbells through each nipple. Note that the nipple rings themselves are not made from silver because Rhianna, as a wereanimal, is allergic to it.
WeaponryTwo knives, tucked into sheaths running along each of her inner wrists, when in human or semi-shifted form. When in tiger form, her fully retractable catclaws are more than capable of keeping her out of harm's way, or defending her if there's no other option.
Special AbilitiesHeightened senses, for one. Each of her senses are more acute than that of a typical human or even most furries. She also has increased strength, agility, and durability. Most wounds that the weretiger has suffered have healed within a day. It would be difficult to kill Rhianna, but not impossible.
Outstanding FeaturesRhianna has two full length tails, but is not fond of this being pointed out or asked about. Rhia also has one tattoo, but its only visible when shes in her human or neko-like form. Its a pair of paw prints on her left breast, over her heart. They are colored red and orange, with a black outline.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRhianna comes off as bitchy and untrusting at first to most people. It takes a while to get to know her, and she doesn't open up to people until she feels she can trust them. Earning her trust is quite a feat, and few can claim to have accomplished it. The few people who have managed to get close to Rhianna know she has a soft side that people rarely see. She would do anything for a friend in need, and she would protect the people she loves to the death.

Rhianna is also very affectionate once you get to know her, but she really hates being touched by people she doesn't know. If you do touch her without her permission, you do so at your own risk, and it's pretty much guaranteed the tigress will tell you to piss off.

She loves to cuddle and play with her friends, and she can be quite horny and sexual. Again, she does not like to be hit on, she prefers to make the first move. Rhianna also has a tendancy to be very moody, and sometimes prefers to be left alone. If she's in one of those moods, it's better to let her be than to try and comfort her. Attempting to push her into anything is a very bad idea. She's one stubborn kitty, and can hold a grudge forever.
BackgroundAfter the twins ran away from home due to an abusive father, they lived in a modified barn for a while and did chores for the father who owned said barn-turned-living-quarters. Reece was a farmhand while Rhianna cooked and cleaned the farmer's home.

Once Ayla found the twins they realized it was time for them to find their own place. Rhianna used the money that the two of them had earned working for George, the farmer, as well as some money she'd earned on the side, dominating rich business men during her evenings and weekends.

She put the money down on a small club a couple towns over, and thus "Fetish" was born. It was the first BDSM club in a several hundred mile radius, and became immensely popular right off the bat. Rhi was the star of the show, occasionally coercing her brother Reece and half sister Ayla to join her on stage.

The club now features several entertainers, including Rozellyn Rose (a sadistic demonic wolf), Zenna Zealous (a very petite submissive leopardess), Logan & Laine (a pair of pure white winged lion twins) and Mina & Mason (a set of blue point Siamese twins.)

The twice-weekly D/s shows (on Fridays and Saturdays) draw crowds of people from miles away, and the three of them now live quite comfortably in Rhianna's new home, which has been modified with several "toys" for entertaining guests.
LikesRandom acts of kindness, tacos, the smell of vanilla, making her loved ones happy, dancing, sincere compliments, passionate people, intelligence, long talks about basically nothing, watching it rain, swimming, cuddling with her close friends, really shy guys, chubby girls, glasses, geeky people, and so forth.
DislikesBeing hit on in an overt or aggressive way, bad grammar, rudeness, pushiness, weak people being picked on, predjudice, being touched by those she does not know or like, scat, and so forth.
LocationIn her home, which has a layout on my website.
OccupationRhianna is a professional Dominatrix. She puts on shows at a club named "Fetish" and has been known to occasionally fill in as an exotic dancer. She's also in charge of hiring the new submissives, as well as training them.
Additional InfoIt should be noted that Rhianna does -NOT- yiff complete strangers. She's not the type of person who likes having random people throw themselves at her, and will ignore such actions completely. If your only reason for contacting her is to yiff her, save yourself (and Rhianna) the trouble and don't bother. Thanks.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"And in true feline form, if I don

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