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Rozellyn, as drawn by Mishakun.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRozellyn Rose
SpeciesHybrid. Half anthro wolf, half succubus.
AgeTwenty one years old.
HeightFive foot nine inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and forty five pounds. Toned, but still feminine.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRozellyn has a thick pure black pelt from her head to her toes; the only thing that breaks up the darkness is her dyed fiery red hair.
Hair ColourHer natural hair color is the same black of her fur, but she bleached her headfur in order to highlight it with fire engine red streaks. Once bored of the highlights, Roz moved on to dye her entire headful of wavy hair the same bright red color, and has stuck with it ever since. The cut is rather long and free, trailing down to her lower back.
Eye ColourHer eyes are the green of emeralds, and sparkle quite brightly in a well-lit room.
ClothingUsually wears a solid red latex sleeveless catsuit that zips up the front, with matching boots and gloves. She also occasionally wears a small, tight-fitting minidress, also made from red latex. When in more casual attire, Roz loves her large black leather trench coat and matching boots, both of which have been fully worn in.
AccessoriesSeveral piercings, all with golden hoops.
WeaponryDepends on her mood, though she favors knives.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has soot black angel wings growing out of her back. When feeling angry or aggressive these wings will shift into black bat-like wings. The bottoms of the wings are pierced, as is most of the demonic wolfess, with small golden hoops. Occasionally a small golden chain is looped through the wing-rings, as decoration.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery blunt, and in your face, Roz intimidates most people she meets. She tends to come on quite strong when she's sexually excited, and is more sexually aggressive when in heat than at other times. Because of this, and her heritage, she radiates sexual energy, a trait that makes some people quite uncomfortable.

Roz loves pain. Inflicting it in others brings her great joy, but gazing at the various piercings and scars covering the succubus' body makes it clear that she's also a bit of a masochist. However, trying to hurt her without being told to would be a grave mistake. Truth is, the wolf enjoys hurting herself. She's not as keen on pain when it's inflicted by others.

Though most assume Rozzy is nothing more than a cold, hard b***h those who truly know her know that the wolfess is capable of great generosity and compassion, but only for those who have earned her respect (which is no easy feat).
BackgroundThis isn't something she'd tell a stranger.
LikesInflicting pain and savoring the suffering of others, biting, scratching, making people cry or whimper, the taste of blood, her brother (Khyle Lupino) and his lovely wife (Neco Lupino), protecting her few friends from danger, using others for her own sexual satisfaction, etc.
DislikesOther people attempting to tell her what to do, disobedience, lies, people with no sex drive, close-minded people, etc.
LocationRoz has a home, but again, its location is not something she broadcasts. This wolf loves her privacy. Even though she does have a spot to call her own, she's rarely actually there. Traveling is one the wolfess' biggest pleasures in life, and she indulges herself regularly.
OccupationThe wolfess has accumulated enough money to never have to work again, but she occasionally is still featured as a paid Dominant at club "Fetish", which is a BDSM club owned by her good friend and fellow Dominant, Rhianna Ravenclaw.
Additional InfoAs an anthro wolf/succubus hybrid, Roz has a few rather nifty tricks up her sleeve. For one, she's a sexual "vampire" of sorts, able to feed on sexual tension and gratification as though it was a form of sustenance. For several hours after a feeding, Rozellyn is physically stronger and more agile, as well as another "added bonus"... the ability to radiate sexuality. Just by being near the recently sex-sated wolf, others seem to get a sort of contact buzz from the sheer sexual tension she radiates. This has caused more than one interesting time!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I can