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June 3, 2020, 05:09:30 AM
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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNeil
Weight138 lbs

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourBlue eyes
ClothingHuman: He is warning a red t-shirt with a image of a Dragon on the front and He wares black baggy pants, with a littel wolf face at the right side of his pant leg. ----------------------------------------------------------- wolf: You look at his face and he has green eyes. On the right side of his face you see a little scar along his muzzle. You then look from head to toe, you see that he is 6ft, wolf and he has silver like fur on his body, and along the chest and back, there's black stripes. You look lower down and looks at his and at his legs, he is wearing a pair of blue baggy jeans. You continued to look around at his paws, and you notice that his tip of the finger the tips of the toes there are little black dots. He sees you looking at him and he wags his tail. You notice the black stripes at the point of the tail.

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