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Zenna Zealous with Rhianna Ravenclaw, as drawn by Mishakun.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZenna Zealous
SpeciesAnthro Clouded Leopard
AgeFifteen years old.
HeightFour foot, nine inches.
WeightEighty five pounds, very thin and petite.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is snow white; the only exception to the vast paleness of her body are sporadically placed leopard spots. Each spot, or rosette, is black; the inside of each rosette is a silvery grey. Near her footpaws and handpaws the spots are closer grouped, and solid black (no longer rosettes). Her tail is also white, with solid black six inch stripes running along the length of it.
Hair ColourBlack shoulder length hair that flips out at the ends in a very retro "Mary Tyler Moore"ish fashion. Said headfur is very soft and silky.
Eye ColourAn extremely pale shade of blue, also known as “ice blue.”
ClothingWhatever her Owner dresses her in; she truly has no preference. If Zenna were forced to answer, she'd say she prefers to be nude.
AccessoriesHopefully a collar. Someday. If she's lucky.
WeaponryEven if she were to have a weapon on her, the slender subbie girl would never use it. It's just not in her to hurt another person.
Outstanding FeaturesBig poofy tail, which is almost one and a half times the length of the petite feline's body.

Personality & Background

PersonalityZenna is extremely shy. She won't go out of her way to get to know people. She tends to get to herself, waiting for other people to contact her if they're interested in knowing her. Once you get past her generally timid nature, you'll find that she's incredibly sweet and eager to please those she loves. She prefers to be owned because she gets pleasure out of making other people happy, and serving a Master or Mistress provides her with the opportunity to make someone happy on a regular basis.
She is wary of strangers, due to her past. She carries a number of scars, both internally and externally, and is not a trusting girl. Though she is physically young, Zenna is wise beyond her years when it comes to the ways of the street. She is timid to others, but she's not afraid to do what it takes to make it in this very harsh world. Some would call her jaded, but she prefers to think of it as enlightened. Though Zenna would not admit it, she is terribly lost. She feels completely alone, but can't bring herself to trust others enough to let them in. She's searching for the parental figure she never really had, a 'dad' or 'mom' that doesn't beat and abuse her, at least... not without her permission. The clouded leopardess is so willing to please others she'd do just about anything to make the people she cares for happy, but she's wary about being owned again due to the horrid things her last mistress did to her.
BackgroundZenna has been abused, neglected, or degraded at every step. The phrase "Some people just can't catch a break" is almost custom-made for this leopard. Her personality makes her an ideal doormat, so eager to please she'd do anything asked of her, even if the person asking has done nothing but hurt her in the past.
Zenna has had a rough life, and it's rather obvious. She's done a number of things to survive that most would not dream of, and she does so without regret or remorse. She ran away from an abusive father at the fragile age of 13, and she's been living on the street since then, scrounging to find food and shelter. At fourteen she met a Dominant female feline named Mistress Adrianna and allowed herself to be collared and taken away to live with this tigress. The tiger did terrible things to her, but Zenna stayed out of fear of the worse things that lie beyond the door.
LikesGetting smiled at by strangers. Gentle, kind people. She hasn't seen much kindness in her life, and the little of it she does see goes a long way with her. Her biggest like is, of course, pleasing her Owner. Nothing makes the feline as happy as making her loved ones happy, particularly her Mistress or Master.
DislikesExtreme aggression. It makes her really uncomfortable. Rejection, or being abandoned. People pushing her when she's in a crowd. Feeling used.
LocationSmall, dirty hotel room in a bad neighborhood.
OccupationPaid submissive.
Additional InfoSee website.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What doesn