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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSketch
SpeciesDesert Fox/ Kitten
SummarySketch is quite the weird child. She is very shy, but can be quite hyper and random. She is very caring and loves to help people out. Hugs are definately her #1 thing. Her attire consists of Funky black pants (USUALLY really baggy {30-60" wide *Drool*}), Corsets or any kind of funky shirt (Usually black, black and red, Army, Army Green, Neon Green and Black, or Red), She usually does not wear shoes.. but the odd time you may catch her wearing some. SHE ABSOLUTELY HATES SOCKS!!!! Her chains, bracelets and necklaces are very precious to her. She wears a red collar with a very large bell on it (I have a tendancy to not draw her with the time.. but only because I am lazy.. but once in a while I do... same with clothes.. lol) She is kind of light gold in color (Suppost to be a tad less yellow.. but my computer shows me the way I want it.. other computers tend to make it different... blah). Her hair is copper and changes when my hair does. Hair is currently: Chin length and flipped out with the part more to the right so that some of the hair covers her eye.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSee reference picture.
Hair Colour(Hair?) Copper
Eye ColourEyes tend to change slightly. Sometimes a deep green.. but usually the right eye is blue and the left eye has a slight green tint to the blue.
ClothingCrazy pants (usually huge 30-60" wide), Corsets or any other funky shirts
AccessoriesBracelets (almost any kind. ie. Spiky, Handcuff, studs, etc), Nacklaces (Crosses, Chains, Collar{Red with HUGE silver bell}), and random straps or chains on pants.
WeaponryHer cute face and sharp teeth. *Grins big*

Personality & Background

PersonalityCute, Psycho, Random, Funny, Caring, Shy, Usually stays by herself.
LikesAlmost everything
DislikesBeing alone
OccupationBeing random

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"In am not Insane. To be insane would mean to be within the boundaries of sanity. Therefore, I am UNsane!" - ME