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Xids After Battle

Vital Statistics!

Character NameXids Diesel
SpeciesBeawulf- ( Bear Wolf Hybrid)
SummaryXids A calm well grounded anthro bear/ wolf hybrid, with a good heart. Extremely strong he wields a broad sword katana called Hokagzake (which as his power/skill grows his blade changes)Never one to strike first, he can be your best friend or worst enemy. He also has a little bit of shyness around girls.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrownish-gray
Hair Colourbrown on his head pattern and brownish-gray (out) light brown (in)
Eye Colourlight blue
ClothingBike jacket/ yellow shirt / bullet-proof vest / Leg band (sometimes says 31)
Accessories(new)Burning knucles -gloves that emit a wave of fire when he punches.
WeaponryHokagzake- Broadsword/katana Burning knuckles
Outstanding Featuresbrown cirlce like pattern on his head

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, Sweet, strong will and mind, smart, Shy (especially around girls), loyal and trustworthy
Backgroundmother was a wolf Father a bear. Both passed away when he was young , not much eles is known.
LikesBBQ, music, sparring, drawing, basketball, football, sleep and food
DislikesEnemies, mornings, bees, and berries(a strange bear huh)
Locationborn in chicago, but is sort of a nomad, traveling from place to place
Occupationsleeping, freelance work
Additional Infomore info coming soon

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYo!

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