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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLogan
SpeciesBlack Wolf
Height6 feet.
Weight210 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur; a smoky wisp of gray across tops of paws and forearm (hence name); Silver splotch on upper center of chest.
Hair ColourHead fur is kept close-cut in a vaguely military style and gelled, unless wearing a hat of course.
Eye ColourSteel gray with a slight hint of green.
ClothingOn-duty attire: Duty Uniform: Dark navy blue short sleeve uniform shirt crisply pressed in military fashion with black buttons down the front. Silver badge on left chest, and silver nameplate on right chest above the pockets; left shoulder has a Maltese cross-shaped red, black, and gold department patch sewed on. Under uniform shirt is worn a tight-fitting navy blue tee shirt with the patch logo screen printed on the left chest in white, and FIRE printed across the back in white as well. Pants are crisply pressed dark navy blue, with a black leather belt and silver buckle holding them about the waist; tail exits through seam on the back. Feet are clad in laced-up black leather ‘wildland’ boots (ask for details). Station Uniform: Everything minus the uniform shirt. *Note* A black ball cap with FIRE embroidered in gold is worn with both at times. Off-duty attire: Can be found in his typical fire department tee shirt, or in a casual collared shirt that is left unbuttoned and open. Pretty much always wears a pair of khaki shorts, and always has a pair of leather Teva sandals on, sans socks. He dislikes the cold, so therefore rarely dresses for such.
AccessoriesA rather thick and heavy black latigo leather collar with silver spikes is his typical fare when off-duty and in casual clothing. The exception to this would be his black and white pipebead traditional Native American Indian choker; a three-strander deal with silver balls separating the beads. Also, the leather band around his right wrist is pretty uneventful especially against the dark background its set upon. It is stamped with FDNY-343 as a memory to those Brothers killed in New York.
WeaponryA Leatherman?
Outstanding FeaturesThe most noticeable feature? The fact his skin is as black as India Ink from head to toe; including his tongue, nose, nipples, paw pads, and yes even down *there*! Recently done, those two ebon nipples have been jazzed up with matching steel CBR's that make quite a statement when without a shirt. Typically he has on some kind of fire department garment, be it a ball cap or a collected tee shirt from some department across the country. Other items to speak of are a black leather bracelet around right wrist stamped with FDNY-343 as a momento of 9/11, and when off-duty either his choker or collar. See below for the last two. Physical build is that of a fairly muscular individual, mostly job-driven with a healthy dose of gym use on the side. He prides himself on keeping an extremely low bodyfat ratio, and eats like a health nut.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRather melow yet sharp. Is known for being extremely knowlageable when it comes to his job, and he gets along fine with co-workers. Yet, his social life is notoriously in need of rescue, causing somewhat embarrasing moments at times. He has no girlfriend, and has few really close friends; typically is quiet around those he doesn't know, but becomes sarcastic and goofy the more comfortable he gets. Is also extremely patient and long-fused... But brawls rough when that patience finally snaps.
BackgroundFamily lineage: Scottish, Celtic Irish, and Cherokee Native American. Father is a fire captain and mother was a paramedic.
LikesProactive people, and those who joke around in good humor. A good Scotch Whiskey. Coffee, too. Getting the job done. Has an interest in motorcycles, but has seen too many results of bad riders or riders with bad luck. The colors green and blue. Weightlifting. Blondes and Brunettes. A good cigar from time to time. Leather (Shhhh!) Native American art, crafts, history, and artifacts.
DislikesUptight people. Jocks. Stupid people. Drivers who don't know the laws (like pulling to the RIGHT and STOPPING when a fire engine or any other emergency vehicle has their red lights and sirens on) and should never have been given a drivers licence.
OccupationA firefighter by profession and tradition. He's one of a batch of new rookies recently having graduated from the department academy, but is respected already due to previous experience in other fire departments.

Just for Fun