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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMason Monroe
SpeciesAnthro Siamese Cat
AgeNineteen years old.
HeightSix foot one inch tall.
WeightOne hundred and fifty five pounds, quite slender and lanky.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMason is a Siamese Cat with Blue Point markings. He has longer fur than most felines, and it's very soft. His undercoat is snow white. Mason's markings are a dark greyish blue color, often called "slate."
Hair ColourHis headfur is short and wild, and it's bright white.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a bit paler than her markings and hair, but they are the same greyish blue color, like the ocean during a storm.
ClothingRelaxed attire is Mason‘s favorite kind of clothing. Usually a heather grey hooded sweatshirt and some jeans. When at home, he's either shirtless or in a white tank top with boxers or sweatpants.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's rather tall, measuring in at 6'1. Most people are surprised to hear Mina is his twin, because she's a full foot shorter than he is. They both share the same slender physique, though.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRather quiet and reserved, at least, at first glance, it often surprises people when they hear how deep and commanding his tone actually is. A bit blunt, especially when it comes to people he doesn't know, Mason is not shy to speak his mind (but he usually will not speak unless something important needs to be said). He's very possessive and protective of his twin, Mina. Definitely the more serious of the twins, he would not take someone hurting her (intentionally or otherwise) lightly.
BackgroundHe has a twin sister, Mina Mason.
LikesHis sister. Protecting her, caring for her. Keeping to himself. Reading in front of a crackling fire. Cooking.
DislikesUninvited company. Being forced into idle chit-chat. Rudeness. People picking on his twin sister (other than him, of course).

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The whole world moves for love. It kneels before it in awe." ~ The Village